Best Hoverboard for kids – Buying Guide (Sept 18)

Congratulations! Buying a hoverboard for your kids is amazing decision on your part. A hoverboard for a kid is more than just a toy. Kids love them because not only they are extremely fun but also can be used to travel small distances. 

However, choosing a good hoverboard that suits your kids needs the best is not as easy as you would like it to be. 

There area so many elements and points that you need to consider before buying. 

With the help of this detailed guide, you should armed enough to be more than enough to knowledge to make informed decision.

Before we hop on to the guide, lets just take a quick look at the best hoverboard available in the market. 


Ride and shine with Swagatron t6 Hoverboard. Does your son loves ridding hoverboard on your backyard and other rough surfaces? If yes, then you couldn't get a better board than Swagtron for your kid. Weather you are riding on mountain roads or trekking, the ride will always be silent and smooth. The 10" tubeless tyres makes this possible. Hate the long breaks of charging? More charging and less riding? Not with t6 hoverboard. It only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the board. Kid or adult, everyone loves to their favourite music when riding. The board offers bluetooth speakers which then you can connect to your mobile to listen songs. The manufacturer has build an free mobile application to access T6. The app lets you see various types of data like travelled distance, battery life, speed and more.  The weight capacity of the board is 250 lbs which is backed up by strong motor to handle people of all shape and sizes. The top speed is 12 mph. 


Play music through board from phone.

LED lights

Great attention to details

Top notch quality material


Can be a bit heavy for kids. Can be a huge problem if you go out and run out of battery. 


The hoverboard works wonders for both kids and adults. Although this board comes with a hefty price tag, it is worth every penny.

2) TOMOLOO Hoverboard

Equipped with sparkling led lights, this hoverbord has its own unique look. The rubber tires provide a smooth and stable riding experience on all types of terrain including grass, mud and sand. Tomoloo features bluetooth speakers which can be used to play your favourite music while ridding. Your neighbours are gonna love this board as the motor makes absolutely no noise while riding. This means you can listen your favourite songs peacefully without any disturbance. The powerful motor allows the board to reach the top speed of 10 mph. Charging the hoverboard only takes couple of hours that means more time ridding and minimal time charging. The free mobile application that you need to install is also bug free and smooth which just adds to the overall experience of riding. The app also allows you set the skill level of the rider. The skill level is basically how the board reacts to sensitive movements. The board is a fantastic choice for expert and beginner kids.


Bluetooth speakers

Attractive  led lights

Can adjust according to skilll level of the rider




The board is super sturdy and ensures the rider have smooth ,fun and safe experience. If your kid is beginner or an expert, this board can be adjusted for their skill level.  

3) Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard 

Razor is one the most recognized and reputed brand in the industry and for all the good reasons. They have been consistently making quality electronic products and has managed to build to positive image in the community. Hovertrax follow the same suite. This self balancing hoverboard is undoubtedly one of the best hoverboards available in the market. The hoverboard is the smartest hoverboard in the market. The “smart” refers to the board featuring Everbalance technology. For normal consumers, this means that the board  automatically adjusts its incline according to the surface its ridding on. It makes the ridding experience extremely smooth and easy. Small details like Led fenders, led battery indicator and lights  should not be overlooked as they make significant shows that manufacturer has paid special attention to details. Lastly, the board comes in six different color variations to suits your kids style. Top speed is 8mph. 


Everbalance technology makes the ride super comfortable, easy and smooth.

Two different settings for beginners and experts.

Made from built to last quality.

Top notch quality construction and design.


The beginner setting is not that great.


This is pretty much the top class hoverboard. Everything about the boards speaks quality. When investing in hoverterax 2.0, you are investing in a high quality product.

4)Hoverheart Hoverboard

Made from anti-fire plastic material that hoverboard proves to be safe choice. So you can have piece of mind when your kid is ridding the board knowing he safe. Your kid can choose from eight color variations. The led lights that are  The 6.5 wide tyres lets you ride comfortably and smoothly on kinds of terrain. With 36V / 4A battery, the scooter will reach the top speed of 10mph with range of 10 miles. The weight capacity is staggering 220 pounds, perfect for both kids and adults. Quality bluetooth speakers are a nice as well. The board is UL 2272 Certified which means it is tested for safety.


Good quality bluetooth speakers

Available in multiple colors to choose from


The custom service isnt that good. 


Overall design and color make it unique and appealing. Combined that with top notch quality construction, this hoverboard does not disappoint.  

5) Levit8ion ION  Hoverboard

 When buying a hover board for kids, safety is first and foremost concern for any parent as it should be. Levit8ion hover board is UL 2272 Certified making the ride hazard free and super safe. The design and look of the board is futuristic. If your kid has a thing for sophisticated and futuristic look, you should definitely consider this board. Apart from design, the rubber tyres offer a smooth and noise free experience when ridding. Kids love listenting to their favourite music. This hoverboard features bluetooth speakers for your kid to enjoy songs when riding. The speakers are pretty high quality as well. The deck of the board delivers non slip padding which makes sure that your kid secure a comfortable and strong foothold when riding. The led panels on the front works great and can be seen from a long distance at night. The board is available in wide range of 10 different color combinations. The top speed of the board is 14km. The self balancing feature of the board makes it easy for new riders.  


Top speed of 14 kilometers per hour.

Bright led panels




You could not get a better board for your kid. Packed with amazing features, this board is smooth, safe and noise free.

6) Epikgo Hoverboard

Epikgo Self Balancing hoverboard is one of the most sort out and versatile board available in the market. The board has passed all tests of safety and has successfully become Ul certified, assuring all parents that their kid is safe when using the board. The construction quality of the super sturdy board is top notch, and made from built to last quality. Most off road hoverboards usually do not offer a smooth ride. However, this board is not only smooth but can be really fast on rough surfaces. It is undoubtedly ,one of the best off roading hover boards. You cannot get a better board for commuting on rough surfaces on daily basis. A single charge lets your kid ride upto one hour or 10 mile range. The hoverboard is 30% larger than average boards. The large deck allows a comfortable and secure foothold when you are riding.


All terrain hoverboard

More space to keep your feet secure and comfortable

Extremely durable




Epikgo is a no doubt powerful hoverboard. It can be costly to some people but its worth every penny. From construction to build quality and design, this hoverboard excel in all of it.

7)MegaWheels Hoverboard

Megawheels Hoverboard is easyly one of the best hoverboard available in the market. Its a high functional and top performance hoverboard with highest safety standards. Its extremely easy to learn for kids who are just starting to take interest in riding hoverboards. Equipped with powerful motors, this board provides a smooth and silent experience when riding. Similar to other boards, this one also has inbuilt bluetooth speaker so that your kid can listen to your favourite songs while riding. The weight capacity is 220 lbs. The top speed is 7.5 mph which is bit less as compared to other boards. If you worried about your kid speeding, then this should be the right board for you. The board comes with a carry bag as well.


Bluetooth speaker

Top notch construction quality

Available in variety fo different color options




The hoverboard proves to be a solid contentder for this list. The board is packed with amazing features that really makes it stand out from the rest. Lastly, the board is available different color variations to choose from.

8) Segway miniPRO

Segway Minipro is not a exactly a hoverboard. It is more considered as transportation device that resembles hoverboard heavily. Is device away from you? No problem at all. You can operate the device completely from your hall through a mobile application. Surprisingly, the device is extremely easy to set up. It comes in only two piece which you need to attach to get it ready, thats pretty much it. The device also comes with a free mobile applications that allows you to switch the colors of lights on the board. You get to choose form a bazillion color options. The design and lighting of the device is very attractive. Expect to get a lot of attention whenever you take out for a spin. Its literally impossible to ride this thing without people talking about it. Segway has been known to make gold standard quality transportation devices. This model follows the same suite. You can easily get the best bang for your buck when buying this device as it will last easily few years. Also the device offers military level shock absorption technology that keeps the ride smooth ride even on rough surfaces. 


Extremely durable

aircraft-grade magnesium alloy

Lightweight and portable


Higher price tag 


As you can see that the product is packed with some of the most advanced features. You wont regret buying this board.  

9) XtremepowerUS Hoverboard 

Extremepowerus hoverboard is one of the finest board available in the market. To give your kid the most safest ride possible, this board is Ul certified. The board offers a unique experience for your kids even if they are beginners. Most kids have a special preference for their favourite color items. The board comes in six different colors to choose from. The led lights are creatively matched to the color of the hoverboard for your board to look even more attractive when the lights are on. Apart from design and look, this board is technical marvel as well. Does your kid love to listen songs? The board offers high quality bluetooth speakers that can be paired with your phone. It takes only 2-3 hours for the board to charge completely so that you can get back to riding as soon as possible. People usually have a fear of slipping from the board while riding. To avoid slipping, the board has non slip footpads on the deck which also helps the rider to secure a strong foothold. The model is built to give the rider a enjoyable and smooth riding experience.


Available in various colors

Bluetooth speakres

Led lights that can be spotted from far

Non slip footpads lets your kid ride in comfort.



Has some occasional battery issues


The board offers a reliable, safe and memorable riding experience. You cannot go wrong with this board. 

10) Hoverheart Hoverboard 

 It is obvious that manufacturers has put heart and soul to make this board. Do you not find your favourite color variations in limit options in other hoverboards? Dont worry, Hoverheart is available in more than 18 color variations. Each color variations has chrome look and feel. The two led lights also compliment the chrome look. On the technical side, the board has 36V battery which allows it to reach the maximum speed of 10mph. Made from anti- fire materials, The board is  Ul certified which keeps your kid safe from any kind fire hazzards. Unlike most hoverboards in the market, the inbuilt bluetooth speakers are pretty high quality. Overall, another great hoverboard you can go for.


Chrome look.

Huge variety of color options to choose from

Made for both adults and kids


The customer service isn't as good as it should be.


The chrome look really makes you stand out in the crowd. Combined that with flashy led lights, It really makes the hoverboard look stunning.


Hoverboard Buying guide

Having a hoverboard at your place makes your life easy, convenient and most importantly fun. However, choosing a good board out of million options is not that simple task.

Let's take a look at what features you should pay attention while buying a board.


 Safety of their children while riding hoverboard is number one concern for any parent, especially if they are riding device that can speed upto 10 mph and has been seen catching fire. Fortunately after such cases of boards catching fire, there is certificate issued which can only be given to boards that are safest in the market. So whatever hoverboard you want to buy, always make sure they are Ul 272 certified. Avoid those boards completely that are way cheaper but are not certified. You should also do your part by making sure that your kid is wearing knee pads and other protection gear when riding. This is very important especially if your kid is starting out.

Also , almost all branded hoverboards come with instruction mannual. You should read it properly and follow as well.

Front and back led lights makes the hoverboard even more attractive for kids. Apart from making the board dashing, the led lights also serve a very important purpose that is make the board seen from a distance. This is especially helpful, if you are kid plans to ride in dark or nights on roads. 


We never promote brand loyalty when choosing kids based products. But in this case, one can't deny that branded hoverboards are just overall better than non branded cheaper alternatives. Although Hoverboards made by well known brands are better investment in long term. Quality hoverboards last longer and perform better than cheap boards. Cheap boards usually break after small period of time. There are different ways to find weather the brand has good reputation or not. Some of the simplest ones are just check their website. Does it look clean or has a messy and cheap design. Are the majority reviews positive or negative? If negative what exactly are the problems in the board?

Also you can find niche specific forums and see what parents are saying about hoverboards. Also if you happen to have friends who are parents, you can ask their opinion and suggestions.

You can also go one step further observe how the company responds to customer complaints.

This should give you a more than a fare idea about a company. 



 Like most products, hoverboards that are high quality comes with a higher price tag. Cheap alternatives boards are either not durable or safe or both. A decent hoverboard cost anywhere between 200- 1000$. Hoverboards are a significant investment for most people as they can get pretty expensive.  


Weight capacity and speed

 What is the top speed of the board? Is it enough for your kid. If you plan to buy the board for older kids and yourself, you might want to take the baord that has high top speed and has weight capacity to hold adults and kids comfortably.


Battery life and time taken to charge the board completely.

The battery life should be enough for your kid to enjoy. You dont want to spend more time charging than actually using the product. Choose a board which not only last long but also takes less time to charge. 


Bluetooth speakers

 Children love listening to music while riding. Your children can connect their phone to the speakers and listen to songs while your favourite songs when playing. Most hoverboard bluetooth speakers are generally good and some are even generally great. Its always a bonus even if your kid is not a fan of music.


Look and feel

 As an adult, we dont really care much about looks as much as the performance of the board. But kid on the other hand are more impressed by the style and look of the board. When buying hoverboard for kids, you should give equal importance to look as well as performance of the board.



Dont worry if you dont find the board that suits your needs right away. The great thing about hoverboard is that there is one for everyone. Because your buying for your kid, just make sure that you choose his favourite color and the board that impress him the most. After all,  its for your kids. Even if its for you, who doesn't love a good looking board?

Hoverboard makes your kid more social and even develop more confidence which is essential life skill. Gifting your kid hoverboard is easily one of the best things you can give.

Lastly, once you have bought the board, try to help other parents and guardians to find the best board for their kids. Do not forget to leave a review as well.

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