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Best electric scooter for kids 2019 – Buying Guide

Congratulations! You have made a great decision by landing on this comprehensive guide to finding an electric scooter that your kid will love.

Choosing an electric scooter is more complicated and time-consuming than most people think. There are far more variables involved while choosing an electric scooter.

Before we dive into the main factors that you should pay attention lets to start with the best electric scooters in the market.

Razoe E3000 is undoubtedly one of the finest scooters available in the market. Powered by the latest technology, this electric scooter does not disappoint. The size of the deck has more than enough room to keep your feet comfortable and enjoy the stable ride. With blazing high speed up to 15 mph, Razor e300 is one of the fastest scooters in the market. The scooter also features large 10-inch wheels. The large wheels also you to speed through cracks and gaps on the street without tipping or loosing stability. The tires also offer shock absorbtion technology to keep your ride intact especially when your kid performs crazy tricks. We all know how much damage can a 12-year-old can do while performing crazy stunts. Razor e300 is made of top-notch quality materials which is meant to last. The construction is really well made which makes the electric scooter sturdy. The battery last 40 mins which is more than enough for kids to have fun. For adults its good for the daily commute like office and grocery shopping. Expect to get a lot of attention when your kid rides the scooter.


 Durability and strong construction quality

15 mph top speed

Large tires for a smooth ride

Large size deck ensure a comfortable foothold




The electric scooter is super silent and smooth while riding. Kids and adults can both use it for daily to office. The scooter can be a bit too fast for kids.

Inspired by the vintage design, this scooter is something that will make you stand out from the rest. This Vespa design electric scooter not only appeal to kids but adults alike. Expect to stand out when you take this model out for a ride. The chain motors allow the scooter to reach the top speed of 15 mph with a battery that can run up to 10 miles per single charge. The Vespa design also provides more comfort than traditional designs. Kids love to bring their snacks and other toys with them. There is a built-in storage capacity inside the seat which has a decent room to keep your kids toys. If you are an adult, the storage can be used to keep keys or phones. The 12 pneumatic tires are large for a smooth and silent ride. This is one of the more powerful electric scooters in the market.


The design and color that will make you stand out.

LArge tires for a noise-free ride.

Top speed 15 mph

Available in 8 different color sets to suit your kid's outfit.




Even if you are not a fan of the design, the overall construction, material, and design is top notch. Undoubtedly, worth the price.

 Razor E100 is a close brother of Razor E300. Similar to its brother, this electric scooter is packed with features that will blow you away. Although not as powerful as Razor E300, Razor E100 is just as impressive with its 24 lead battery. The top speed of this scooter is 10mph. If you don't want a scooter that's fast but has reasonable speed then this is the scooter you should go for. One thing to keep in mind is that is to start the engine you need to move at speed of 3mph. You can do that by kicking like a normal scooter. Your ride couldn't get any smoother with 8-inch Pneumatic tires. The large tires also avoid slippage and tipping on rocks and small pebbles. The scooter hardly requires any assembly. Attaching the two-piece together is all that is required which is super easy.


 Made from top-notch quality materials.

Very durable, will be fine even after the worst falls.

8 inch Pneumatic Tyres ensures a safe, silent and smooth ride


The scooter can a be a bit heavy to use without electric motor especially if your kid is of smaller age.


Razor e100 offers great value for money. The scooter is super sturdy and features a solid construction. It is best for kids and parent who wish to not take a risk with high top speed.

Boasting top speed of 15mph, Razor E325 lies among the fastest scooter available in the market. This scooter is another fantastic electric scooter made by Razor which by now has become an authority in making quality rides for kids and adults. The large size deck of the scooter keeps your kids comfortable and safe throughout the ride. It is basically a level above Razor E300 in terms of power. But unlike Razor E300, this electric scooter is foldable which makes it super easy to move from one place to another. This scooter is packed with some of the most impressive features that can be seen in an electric scooter. One of those is 10-inch pneumatic tires which run smooth and ensures a noise free ride which your neighbors will love more than you.


High-Quality construction and Design

Wide tires add extra comfort while riding

Reaches a top speed of 15mph.


The batteries aren't of the best quality


If you want to take your kids scooter with you to vacations or other places then this scooter is the perfect choice for it. The folding feature really allows you to fit it inside the back of the car. Other than that, construction quality is top notch. You can easily expect this to last a few years at least.

Razor Power Core is designed by keeping younger kids in mind. Having only top speed of 9mph, this electric is not as speedy as other scooters. It is a great fit for children and parents who do not want to invest in a higher top speed model. However, the scooter is not weak and makes up for it in terms of time duration. Most Razor scooter and electric scooters run for in total 40 mins, Razor power core runs twice as much that is over 90 minutes. The scooter is a fantastic choice for commuting long distance on daily basis for children and adults alike. The muscle power of the scooter should not be underestimated as well, it is 50% more increase than its prior model E90. Featuring a special hub motor, Your ride cannot be more silent and smooth. The scooter essentially a basic design and is maintenance free. Razor provides the best fun per dollar value. Great if you want your kid to have the fun of an electric scooter but not want to invest a lot.


Affordable pricing.

90 Minutes ride time.

Great for long distance commute.




 Razor Power core is a perfect example of how you don't have to invest a ton to get a quality product. There are also a ton of other great features that come with it.

 Like Clark Kent looks like a normal human but is an actually superpowered alien, this electric scooter may look simple but in reality is a super powerful beast. This is a heavy duty electric scooter that is filled with features that will blow you away. Saying that Super Turbo is one of the most powerful and durable electric scooters in the market is not an exaggeration in any way. 36v 1000w motor allows you to reach a blazing speed of 26 mph. The scooter also offers performance disc brakes on both tires which is important for a safety when riding at such high speeds. When riding, the scooter has two variation that is performance and fuel efficiency. The scooters offer a fun and exhilarating experience when riding.  The ability to fold the scooter when needed is also a nice touch.


Durable and strong

26mph top speed.




 Super Turbo Electric scooter belongs in the top class electric scooter. The material that is used to make it is top notch and offers some of the most advanced features in an electric scooter. The price tag can be intimidating for some people. But its worth every penny.

7) Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

Does your kid love dirt more than the road? Normal scooters will not last when offroading. This is where Razor Rx200 comes in. Razor Rx200 Electric scooter is an offroad version of Razor E200. The tires of the scooter are made and designed for off-roading. The scooters offer disc brakes on both tires for better stability. The brake system is top notch. This is very essential when taking the scooter for a spin. The braking system is also operated by hand for drifting purposes. The scooter is perfect for kids who live in the country area or where the roads arent the smoothest. Unlike most other scooters in the market, RX200 does not require a kick start. The sooters starts just by pressing a button. The weighing capacity is 160 pounds which is more than enough for young teens and children. Similar to e200, the top speed of the scooter is 12mph.


One of the few good quality off-road electric scooters available in the market.

Start the scooter just by pressing a button.




This scooter is perfect for kids who loves adventure. Does your kid love to drift? This scooter is the best gift you can give to your thrill-seeking kid. Everything about this scooter just speaks quality.

8) Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter, Royal Blue

 If you are tight on a budget, yet want your kid to have the joy of riding electric scooter then this is the perfect option for it. Pulse grt-11 Is a proof that you do need to dig a hole in your pocket to buy a quality electric scooter. Ultra high duty stem, rise bars, and steel frames make the scooter not only durable but also adds extra protection for the rider. All in all, Pulse electric scooter is another amazing choice for your kid. The downside of the scooter is that it does not fold. This can only be a problem only if you are short on storage. If you are looking for an electric scooter for a teenage son or tall kid, then this might not be your preferred choice. Because the scooter does not offer adjustable handlebar. Taller and older kids might find it uncomfortable to use. Apart from it, you couldn't get a better scooter for younger children.


Built to last quality

Top notch quality


The handlebar is too low for older kids and teenagers.


No doubt, Pulse performance does provide fantastic bang for bucks. The scooter offers an efficient and quick brake system that ensures that your kid stays and safe and injury free. You cannot get a better scooter for the price for your kid. 

9) Razor e300S Seated Electric Scooter

 Razor E300 electric scooter has identical features of razor e300. What differentiates this scooter with other electric scooter is this one features a seat for your kid to relax and sit. It is the same as Vespa just without the outer body and design. Does your kid get tired standing on the scooter all the time? The built-in seat helps your kid relax and ride at the same time. The seat is comfortable and can be removed when not needed. Apart from this, the scooter reaches the top speed of 15mph. The deck is pretty large for your kid to secure a comfortable foothold on the electric scooter. The weight capacity of the scooter is 220lb which makes it usable for kids, teens and even adults.


Removable seat

Weight capacity is staggering 220 lbs.



The removable seat definitely makes the riding experience more enjoyable and happy. With the weight capacity of 220 lbs, the scooter can be used by both adults and kids.

10) Razor E125 Electric Scooter

Razor E125 is another fantastic addition to this list. Your kid can easily ride up to 40 minutes with this scooter when fully charged. The scooter delivers an adjustable handlebar to make it more comfortable for different age groups and sizes. E125 Electric Scooter is available in three different color combinations to suit your kid's style. The top speed of the scooter is 10mph, which is great for younger children who are not experienced in riding at higher speeds. Also as a parent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your kid wont overspeed. However, the weight capacity of this scooter is only 120 pounds which is less than other models made by the same company. Razor E125 does the best what every electric scooter should do that is keep your kid safe and have a fun filled expereience.


Adjustable handle bar

Multiple colors to choose from

Solid construction


The weight limit is only 120 pounds 


 Similar to other Razor models, this one also

Buying guide

Choosing an electric scooter is a bit more complicated and difficult as it invloves electric parts and motors and can be even dangerous. Safety is the absoloute number one factor we and everyone should consider while buying the scooter.

After safety, there are other various factors such as price, durability and overall quality and experience when riding the scooter.

Lets dive into depth below


Incidents due malfunctioinin of electronic parts happen all the time. Even the best quaity products by highly reputated company exploade or cause damage to the consumer. The best way to ensure that the scooter is safe or not is to look at the history of tthe brand and the product you want to buy. Does the brand is old and have good expeirence in building the product?

Has any consumer before had any safety issues in the past when using the product?

Is the reputation of the company is positiive ?

Asking questions like these should give you a decent idea about the products safety.

 Its always a great idea to stick to brands that are very well known.

 It also very important that you read and follow the instructions given by the product manufacturer. You should not overcharge your scooter.

Also, always make sure that your kids are wearing the best protective gear when riding the scooter even when theyre riding in the nieghbourhood.

 Final Words

What scooter suits your needs the best is only you can tell. After this guide, you should have a better idea to make an informed decision. You can visit niche specific forums online to see what other parents are using and recommending. Once you bought the scooter, you can visit a site like this and offer your expeirence and advises to other buyers.


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