Best Longboard for College Campus 2019 – Buying Guide

Longboards are a fantastic way to travel from one lecture to another in college. It makes daily travel effortless and allows you to focus your energy onto more important things such as studies and sports. Apart from the ease of travel, you cant complain about how cool longboards make you look. On top of it, they are surprisingly affordable as well. 

There is absolutely no reason not to buy one. Without further do, lets dive into list. 

Here with this list, you can see best longboard that are well suited for college

1) Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing

Magneto Longboards - Carbon Fiber Downhill Cruiser W Concave Deck
  • High Tech Carbon Fiber, Bamboo and Fiberglass hybrid deck with W concavity for excellent foot traction
  • 7" high angle gravity cast trucks perfect for carving and aggressive riding
  • Upgraded Wheels and Bearings 78A Wheels, 70mm X 53mm with ABEC 11 bearings
  • OS780 grip tape with our Magneto Logo carved out revealing the carbon fiber material
  • The best option for going fast and bombing hills!

Magneto freestyle longboard is one of the premium quality longboards in the market at the moment. No wonder, it's the favourite board of many enthusiasts.

The board is perfect fit for aggressive riders as the ride is speedy and quick.

The deck is made from the highest quality materials which is combination of Canadian maple, bamboo and fibreglass and carbon fibre which makes it super strong and durable. All the materials have a mix of high and low density which keeps the board lightweight and comfortable.

The board is stunningly beautiful to look at. You will be getting a lot of attention from your mates in the university. The board looks royal and cool. The graphics on top are clean and crisp.

The board comes in couple of different designs for you to choose from. Some more design and graphic heavy than others. Either way all of them are gorgeous.

The upgraded wheels and abec 7 bearings keep the ride smooth and silent throughout.


  • Nice and easy ride
  • Can be used for cruising, carving, freestyle and downhill


  • The bushing and Bearings aren't of the best quality.

2)MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard
  • 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane for a perfect balance between speed and traction
  • 190mm Navigator Drones trucks guarantee precision turning
  • Sturdy maple-lam Drop deck keeps your center of gravity low for pushing and off-roading
  • Rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings
  • Comes completely assembled

Mbs longboard offers joyful and easy ride.

When riding this board, you will never have to worry about cracks and gaps ever as the it features 30 mm large wheels that will roll over anything without disrupting your ride. 

The all terrain wheels is what it makes the board really worth it. It really provides super relaxed ride. The lower deck is makes manoeuvring and control much easier which makes it perfect for beginners.

It also features 190mm Navigator Drones trucks which allows the rider to take precision turns and cuts.

The bottom graphics are attractive and durable.


  • 190mm Navigator Drones trucks
  • Beginner friendly
  • Smooth ride on all surfaces
  • Proper control and maneuverability


  • None


Wether you are a campus cruiser who hates walking or beginner who lives in a rough neighbourhood this board is perfection.

3) Sector 9 Lookout Complete

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout dropthrough Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x 42.0-Inch
  • Rides on 10" Gullwing Chargers with 74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • The drop through mounting of the Lookout makes this board both technically able, as well as freeride capable
  • Wheels 74mm 78 duro
  • Wheels Color may vary from the picture
  • 5 ply vertically laminated Bamboo

Sector 9 lookout complete is versatile board. Its capable of downhill, cruising and even freeride. It basically has everything you need to skate through your college and even more so.

The board believers a super smooth and stable ride even at higher speeds. Wether you are a seasoned professional or newbie, this board is suited for riders for all skills. 

The wheels are soft which makes it suitable for comfortable cruising. The deck is 42 inches long and has enough space for a beginner to comfortably position their feet.

The only complain one think of is that the board is only available in a single color scheme.


  • Top notch quality
  • Stable and smooth ride


  • Limited color options

4) Atom drop through longboard

Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)
  • Deck: Maple/Bamboo hybrid laminate with photo heat transfer graphic
  • Trucks: Navigator Drone - 40 degree base - 180mm hangers
  • Wheels: Atom AREA 51 - 70mm diameter - 51mm wide - 78A - SHR
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Grip: Coarse 46 grit

Atom drop through board comes in four different style to choose from. The photo heat transfer graphic is quite nice as well. 

The 40 inch drop through decks has strategically cuts on the sides allows the rider to avoid wheel-bite from all angles.

The ride is smooth and feels effortless.

The turning radius is simply a little wide but once you get used to it, it wont be a problem. 

The wheels are larger than usual which let you skim through cracks and gaps with complete ease.

The abec 7 bearings are pretty good at keeping the ride fast and silent.


  • Perfect for cruising
  • Comfortable
  • High traction
  • Extremely Durable


  • None

5) VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser 

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop Through Deck - Camber concave)(Banana Tree)
  • As an artisan work from our engineering team, the 42inch drop through camber deck offers super flex and shock absorber.
  • 8-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, healthy materials bring more fun, and is better for environment.
  • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
  • Durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels work with ABEC-9 presion bearings, letting you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.
  • Designed by talents across the Atlantic. Graphics range from strikingly vintage to avant-garde looks.

Volador 42 inch is one of the finest in the market. The board is just out of the world. From technical to design and feel, this board is just got everything right. Its 42 inch long deck is high quality and looks premium. 

The deck is made from top notch quality materials like canadian maple and 8 ply which makes it super strong and lightweight.

The shock absorption technology keeps the ride easy and distraction free. The turn radius is surprisingly small as compared to its rather large size of the board. The board is available in 11 different color combination to give you variety of choices. 

You can check the compelte review here. 

  • Affordable pricing.
  • The bearings aren't the best.

Buying guide

You need to consider a number of factors before buying a longboard for the purpose for cruising in campus.  It is important that the board you buy should be lightweight as you might have to carry with you all day. Other than weight, one should also consider the look at style of the board. 


With longboard, it's usually you get is what you pay for rule. But that doesn't mean an affordable board will not work for you. If you plan to buy a board for the only purpose of cruising comfortable, most affordable boards do that. You dont need to buy high end board for it


Looks and style is especially important when you ride in your college campus. They reflect your personality and style. Make sure that the board is visually appealing and the graphics do not fade away after few rides. 


Doesn't matter if you are a professional or a beginner, there is no excuse for not wearing protective gear. It is very crucial that you wear helmets that are certified by industry standards. However, If you are just cruising you dont need a full face long helmet a simple helmet would be good enough. But if you plan to go downhill make sure you wear a full face longboard helmet. 

Size and Weight

The size of the board should be too big as it can be painful to take it around all day in college. Smaller sized board are more portable. The board should also be not too heavy for obvious reasons. 

Final words

Buying a board for college will be of the best decision you'l ever make. From various classes and lectures to attend, life of a student can be tedious and stressfull. It only make sense to buy a board that will make your life so much easier. Also, decent longboard dont cost an arm and leg for you to buy, so that there is no reason left for you to to not buy a board.

Also, longboards are excellent conversion starters and will allow you to make more friends in college. Owning a longboard will also introduce you to longboard community and skating parks which will give you boost in confidence.

Basically, benefits of owning a longboard are endless. 

You have all the information needed to buy a board. Just choose one and arrive in style in your college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to ride a longboard?

Longboard are generally wide and have good room space. It makes quite easy for newer rides to learn boarding. 

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