Best Longboard for sliding and Freeride 2019 – {Buying Guide}

Longboard sliding can be done with almost of any board if you are skilled enough. However, it is way way easier when you have the right board that has specific features for sliding and freeride. 

Following are few of the best longboards for freeride and sliding: 

1) Sector 9 Lookout Complete

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Sector 9 are manufacturers that have been making longboards for decades now. Their passion for making efficient and durable boards stem from their own passion of skating.

This particular longboard is a drop through especially made for sliding and freeriding. While using this longboard, you’ll be able to slide and freeride without any hindrance.

Sector 9 has fashioned this longboard just for your adventures on the road. Concrete roads and hard asphalt won’t stop you from sliding your way to your destination. 

This 42” inches long and 9.2 inches wide longboard is made from ply and bamboo. The surface of this longboard is thoroughly laminated and painted with bright designs and colours.

The board features set of wheels of 78A Centre Set Nineballs that are 74mm in size along with 9” Gullwing Chargers. Furthermore, the 5 bearings that are included in its design are PDP Abec and are secured on the board with steel bolts that are around 2.5” inches in size. With these features, you are assured to have a smooth and easy ride. 

The weight of the board is 7 pounds. 


  • Extrmeely durable
  • The Gullwing Chargers are the best quality trucks that allow ease in sliding. 
  • The long and side surface of the board allows beginners to learn conveniently as balancing is not hard on it as compared to other longboards. 


  • Limited color options
  • This particular longboard model is simpler than most Sector 9 boards. 


The board is favourite of many sliding enthusiasts. 

2) Landyachtz Switchblade 40" Complete Longboard

Landyachtz Switchblade 40" Complete Longboard 2018
  • Landyachtz Switchblade 40" 2018 Longboard Deck
  • Bear Grizzly Black 180mm Trucks
  • Boss Hawgs 70mm 80a White Wheels
  • Black Grip Tape Applied By Landyachtz, Abec 7 Bearings
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride!

Landyachtzis a trusted brand and is quite famous among skaters. They not only produce skateboards and longboards, but they also manufacture the necessary protective gears with them 

Landyachtz has one of the longest decks of 40” inches providing enough space for rider to position his feet comfortably.  Moreover, its trucks are also designed to make your freeriding experience worthwhile. 

Along with 180mm trucks, this longboard uses Hawgs Mini Zombie wheels. These wheels are 70mm in diameter and have a reading of 78A on Durometer. 

The material used to make this longboard is durable and is guaranteed to last for a considerable period of time. The design is attractive and will make you people awe when they look at you riding. 


  • The soft wheels are good for sliding. 


  • The material used to make this particular longboard might not be for everyday use. Though it is durable but in comparison to other longboards, its durability pales. 


With all its pros and cons considered, this longboard from Landyacht is still a favourite of many skaters. Its undoubtetly top quality board that you will fall in love with!

3) Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard, 9.0 x 36.0-Inch
  • Rides on 9" Gullwing Sidewinder II's with 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • The length of the Fractal is great for those looking for a longer wheelbase for cruising, but still want to do tight turns
  • This board has the feel of a longboard, but produces tighter carves and lines than one would think
  • 8 ply maple with CNC drop through mounting

Once again, Sector 9 comes through with the most reliable longboard for your skating adventures. This board is designed in such a way that not only professionals, but beginners too can use it efficiently. 

The longboard has a length of 36 inches which enables the user to balance on it conveniently. Furthermore, it uses Sidewinder trucks that allows it to manoeuvre around corners and nooks efficiently.

It is important to mention that the trucks used in it are from Gullwing, a brand famous for making the most efficient trucks in the market. Moreover, the fractal geometry of the longboard along with these double kingpin trucks make it stand out among its peers. 

The wheels used for this longboard are from Nineballs and are 69mm in size. The readings on the Durometer for these wheels are 80A which means they are apt for sliding, cruising and freeriding. 

The wheels, trucks and the bearings of a longboard have to be compatible with each other for it to be efficient in performing above mentioned tricks. That is why Sector 9 uses wheels that are 9 on an ABEC Scale.

All things considered, this particular longboard is still one of the most lightweight longboards around. It weighs hardly 6.9 pounds meaning you can go around on it without feeling any strain at all. 


  • This longboard is not only good for a particular trick. You can cruise, slide, curve and freeride using it. 

Such all-round functionality is made possible by its fractal geometry. 

  • The double kingpin of its trucks allows it to perform some awesome sliding and curving tricks. 
  • The longboard uses drop through technology and that’s what makes it a top choice among skaters for sliding and freeride.


  • The fractal geometry may make it hard for beginners to ride on this longboard. 


Judging by the product description, this longboard may seem the right for a professional skater. 

4) Playshion 39 Inch Drop through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Sunspot
  • Come with Multi-function Skate Tool and Attractive Sticker
  • Strong but Flexible Eight Ply Maple Deck make longboard can Hold Up to 250 LBS weight
  • Big Soft 70x50mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for Smooth Ride
  • Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks equipped with soft bushings for Comfortable Longboarding
  • Easy to Learn for Kids and Adults beginner due to low to ground feature come from Dropthroguht mounting technology

Playshion longboard is an all-in-one longboard that allows you to not only freeride and slide but also cruise, curve and take deep plunges from high hills. 

This longboard is 39 inches long and is made from maple material of plyhardwood 8. This material of the longboard makes it sturdy as well as flexible to a degree. 

The 7 inches trucks used in this long board are made from aluminium and have reverse kingpin. Furthermore, the wheels used with these trucks are SHA 78A, which provide assistance in sliding. 

Playshion has used deep through mounting technology in this longboard by providing a ground clearance of 4 inches. This model by Playshion is just 7 pounds in weight.

For any longboard, the weight that it supports holds a significance importance. This makes the fact that the Playshion longboard can support 250 lbs of weight very impressive.


  • The long concave design of the board facilitates turning and curving. 
  • Super Affordable


  • None


There are plenty of features that make this longboard one of the best longboards you’ve ever used. The board offers best bang for your buck. Really good choice for people who are on a tight budget. 

5) Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Basalt Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Dark Blue, 80a in Heat Wheels)
  • ALL-AROUND SHREDDER – The Loaded Basalt Tesseract is a versatile, high-performance longboard created for freeride and freestyle riding. Updated in May 2018 with a high-performance, eco-conscious basalt fabric construction for a lighter, damper, and more freestyle-friendly board. 4 color options to match your road rash.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Symmetrical shape and kicktails encourage switch riding and a multitude of tricks and slides. Multiple wheelbase options allow you to fine tune your setup based on riding style and truck geometry. Rocker cradles your feet for locked-in slides. Tall, wide W concave mellows out near the trucks for comfort while providing strong lateral support for carving and sliding. Wheel well flares increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic reference points for your feet.
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE – Dual bamboo cores are sandwiched between layers of basalt fabric to create a strong and lightweight structure with the perfect balance of flex and pop for a more dynamic and forgiving ride. A bottom layer of cork provides vibration damping and helps prevent abrasive damage from spreading.
  • PARIS TRUCKS – Paris 180mm, 50° matte black trucks deliver smooth and controlled turning response that's perfect for all-around freeride and freestyle longboarding.
  • ORANGATANG WHEELS – Orangatang 75mm, 80a In Heats provide optimal roll speed, grip, and smoothness. Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings.

Loaded Boards has introduced one of the best longboards for freeride and sliding that is Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete. 

It is made from Bamboo that has fiberglass between it for unmatched durability. Furthermore, its symmetrical design is what makes it so functionally adapt. 

Each rider has its own footing and riding style, the multiple wheelbase option of this longboard allows the rider to tube its setting according to his needs. 

Having your feet locked in is an important factor when it comes to freeriding and sliding. That is why locked-in footing in this longboard is much appreciated. 

The trucks used in this longboard are Paris 180mm bent on 50°. These trucks allow the perfect turning angle for both freeride and sliding. 

For the best sliding and freeride experience, having a wheel with a 78 to 87A reading on Durometer included in your longboard is ideal.

The wheels in this longboard are Orangatang80A that are 75mm in size. In addition to this, they have Loaded Jehu V2 bearings. 

Aside from the soft wheels well rounded trucks, the angle your deck makes with the ground while turning is also important. So buying a longboard that allows in ease in mobility is significant. 


  • Though meant for freeriding and sliding, this longboard can be used for several other purposes.
  • The material used for the board is unique and durable as well as lightweight. 


  • This longboard is one of the most expensive longboards in our list and in general. This can deter people from buying it despite its attractive features. 


Admittedly, one of the best longboards is out of many people’s budget.

Buying Guide - Best Longboard For Sliding

We have provided you an in-depth recommendation list for longboards, but it won’t be fair if we don’t elaborate on our reasoning to recommend the above-mentioned longboards. 

Following is the detailed buying guide that you must go through before buying a longboard specifically for the purpose of sliding and freeride:

Soft Wheels: 

For an outsider, soft wheels may not seem the right choice for sliding for obvious reasons. But it is important that the wheels you use in your longboards show a reading of 78 – 87A on Durometer. 


Hard wheels on hard surface will create a lot of friction which will hinder your sliding and freeride experience. Soft wheels are efficient to use against sidewalks, roads, pebbles as they provide better grip and smooth slide. 

Durability & Pressure Resistance: 

Freeride and sliding puts a considerable pressure on your longboard. That is why it is essential that it is made from a quality plywood. 

Moreover, the bolts and bearings should be of high quality. To measure the endurance of bearings, a scale called ABEC is used. Make sure that the bearing used in your longboard is 7 on the ABEC scale. 

Quality Trucks: 

For efficient usage, the trucks you use in your longboards should be able to endure high pressure. Furthermore, if you want more slides then go for trucks with higher angles but be aware of the risks it might propose. 

Lower angles are safe, but they do not provide much slide. To keep things balanced, a 50° angle is recommended. 

Concave Deck: 

Not only the size but the shape of the longboard also holds a significance. It is necessary that your longboard maintains a slight concave curve for it to slide and freeride efficiently. 

We put so much emphasis on buying a symmetrical deck longboard because it allows to keep your footing stable while sliding and turning. The foot-pockets are a great addition in freeride longboards. 

Drop-through Technology: 

Drop-through technology is the best one because the distance between the ground and the board is small. This makes sliding, turning, cruising and jumping easier for you. 

Final Words:

Buying the right longboard is not easy especially when you are a beginner. A through research and prior reading might be able to assist you in buying just the right longboard for yourself!

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