Best Longboard for kids 2019(Feb) – A helpful Buying Guide

Longboarding is one of the most fun and enjoyable experience your kids can have which will they will stay in their memory  forever.

One of my best memories comes from riding scooter that my mom gifted me when I was around 8.  It's one of those beautiful memories that are still fresh, and hold a special place in my life. You can can give something the similar to your kids when you get them a longboard.

Due to the recent hike in popularity, the amount of longboard manufacturers have increased dramatically. Finding the right board that not only is safe but also suits your needs well can be time consuming and daunting task.

Here are some of the quality longboards which we recommend:


Playfashion Longboard

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Volador Longboard

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White Wave Longboard

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Anfan Longboard

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Magic Union Longboard

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Quest Super Longboard

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1)Playshion Cruiser Longboard

Plyfashion is a fantastic longboard which is made of top notch quality material. This board is designed for kids who are have just started out exploring longboarding and are still in beginner stage. It is basically a multi function board capable of  cruising, sliding, curving, downhill, free ride and freestyle and pretty much everything longboards are made for.

The concave shape deck of the board keeps your kids feet stable and avoids misbalance due to wrong footing. It also allows your kid to have more control while taking turns, sliding etc.

Different kids have different style of ridding. The board allows you to either tighten or loosen the kingpin. Loosen trucks are better for tricks and stunts and tighten trucks are better for high speed stability.

The kid can choose as per his needs at the time The ground clearance is over 4 inches which ensure perfect balance for beginners. The ball bearings used in the board is made of high quality bearing steel which is harder and durable than carbon steel.

This allows the rider to enjoy a smooth and silent ride. When purchasing, the board comes in wide variety of colors to suit your kids style. The weight limit of the board is 200-250 lbs.


Great for beginners

Makes no noise when in use.

Concave shape deck provides better stability

Available in wide variety of colors


Deck is not that durable 

2) VOLADOR Longboard

Voldor Longboard is packed with amazing features. The 42 inch long board has more than space to keep your child foothold secure and stable. It can be seen, that the construction is solid and well built.

With 8-hard maple, the board is sturdy and durable as a longboard can get. You can easily expect your kid get bored or sick of longboards before this board can break.

The shape of the board is unique and will make your stand out from his peers. The shape is symmetrical and is designed in a way that avoids wheel-bite from any angle. You can have peace of mind knowing that your kid wont fall on any extreme turn and will enjoy amazing manoeuvrability.

The longboard is forged by top notch quality material like genuine aluminium alloy trucks, carbon steel bolts, chrome steel bearings, high rebound PU wheels. So you know your kid is in safe hands and not some shaky board. The manufacturer cares about environment just as much as your kid.

 The boards are designed to look cool as your kid. Unlike other longboard designs, the bottom graphic is durable and will not fade away. The inspiration of design has been taken from various culture. You an basically found a design for almost boys, girls, kids etc. With vibrant graphics and durable deck, this is one board you should get your kids right away.


The turn radius is pretty good, you can hit sidewalks without needing to pickup the board and adjust.

The board is very comfortable while ridding, you can pass through rocks, grease and other rocks smoothly. 


The graphics are beautiful and vibrant which makes you stand out.

Affordable pricing

Great for beginners


The bearings makes squeaking noises

3) White Wave Bamboo Longboards

Ride with style with this beautiful longboard. The 40 inch high quality longboard is something every kid needs. The board comes in wide variety of colours to suit your kid attire and style. The classic old school design will definitely make your kid a rockstar among his friends. 

With a lot of beginner friendly features, the board is just right for people and kids who have recently started taking interest in riding.

The deck of the board is made from  material that  is combination  of Canadian Maple and Bamboo which makes it extremely durable and strong.

The simple yet unique small graphic on top and bottom of the deck is elegant and compliments to overall classic look. The board also offers a small kick tail behind which makes doing tricks and stunts way easier.

If your kid is more adventurous type then you should get this board without a second thought. The construction and design is well built as well. 


Built to last quality.

Classic and unique design that makes you stand out.


The bearings that come with board are not of the best quality. You might have to replace them sooner than expected.

4)Anfan Longboard

Anfan Longboard is the most complete longboard your kids will ever need. The cruiser shaped board comes in three different colours for your kids to choose(Purple, Black, Blue) from.

The weight of capacity of the board is over 220 lbs which is more than enough for any kid and almost all adults. 

 The material used is high density 9 layer Canadian maple which is best quality  you can get. The anti shock wheels absorb all the shock from hitting cracks and gaps on roads. The anti shock wheels  also allows the board to ride over cracks and gaps without shaking or loosing balance.

Your neighbours are gonna love your kid as the board makes no noise when riding.  The board is great making extreme turns when neccessary. You dont need to pick up and adjust when wanting to turn on corners. he board is portable and you can easily fit it in your back pack and take it to skate parks and schools. 

Apart from above features, the biggest selling point of the board is its pricing. Other boards in the pricing range do not even come close to this board in terms of features and build quality. No doubt, one of the most affordable longboards in the market.

If you are on a tight budget and yet want to enjoy boarding, buying this board should be a no brainer. A solid choice for kids and beginners. 


Extremely affordable pricing

Durable deck

Smooth riding

Great for beginners



5) Magic Union Longboard

The Magic Union longboard is designed for downhill, speed and freestyle riding. The ABEC-11 ball bearings keeps the ride smooth and silent. This weight capacity of the board is staggering 330 lbs ( 149kg).

The wheels are smooth and you dont have to make much effort in riding making the overall experience relaxing and much more enjoyable. The turning radius of the board is quite wide as compared to other board in the same pricing range. The ball bearings aren't of the best quality but they aren't terrible either.

The longboard excels in every way and does an excellent job of giving enjoyable experience. Perfect for beginners. 


Affordable pricing

Perfect for beginners 


Bearings aren't of the best quality.

6) Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Quest super cruise longboard provides the best bang for the buck. The construction quality and built they provide can rarely be found in this price segment.

The picture does not justify how beautiful the board looks. You can expect to get a lot of attention from your fellow riders and general public when you take this board for a spin.

Technically, this board is a marvel. The deck of the board is comfortable and lets you easily make turns. The abec bearings keeps the ride smooth and noise free. If you do not plan to invest a lot of money, this board is the one you should consider. 


Built to last quality

Incredible value for money




Criteria for evaluating best longboard for kids and beginners


This is the most important factor that we consider while evaluating longboard. Longboard just by their nature are very much safer and reliable than skateboard and other riding vehicles for kids and beginners. Almost all longboard are stable and provide good control even at high speed. The deck are longer and wider, that gives enough space for the kid to comfortably position their foot.

Even though longboard are extremely safe , it is still very important that your kids to wear helmet, knee and elbow pads whenever they go out for riding.


Even though longboards on the list do not cost a lot, we still want to last for a  long time. The decals and graphic on the board should also not fade after a while. The structure and design should be well built. The ball bearing should not have stains after using the board for a while. 

Final Words 

After reading this detailed guide, You are armed with more than knowledge to buy a great board for your kid or even yourself. Help other people know by sharing this guide.


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