Best pottery wheels for kids 2019 – Review and Rated

Are you looking for a quality pottery kit for your kid? Pottery has been proven to boost your kid confidence. 

Also the pottery wheel is not limited to making just clay pots. You can also make necklace, ornaments and beds. Ultimately, you are only limited by your own imagination.

With the amount of options available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best for your little one.

This list should make your decision-making process easy and simple and help you find the kit that suits your kid the best


Faber Castell Pottery Kit

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Mindware Pottery Wheel

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Cool Maker Pottery

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Crazy Art Pottery kit

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US Art Supply Pottery

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1) Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio

Faber Castell Pottery is a complete wheel kit for kids and beginners. From wheel to clay and other necessary things , this kit includes all so you dont have to buy separately and can get started as soon as you get hands on this kit.

Only thing that you need is batteries which are not included. For parents, it is very important that any toy that they give their kids is 100% safe. The clay that comes with the kit is synthetic which contains less bacteria and microbes than organic clay. Its  kid friendly and provides an enjoyable experience.

Other than that, the kit also include instructions and tutorials that are easy to follow even for small children and beginners. 

It is a perfect first pottery kit for any beginner or kids. The kit is somewhat noise when in use, but what toys aren't? Just make sure you do not use it when you watch a movie.


Complete kit

Perfect for beginners

Non toxic and child-friendly synthetic clay.


Does not contain batteries.

Fairly noisy


Faber Caste pottery kit is super fun and safe. The kit is also quite affordable. Grab it fast as you can.

2) Mindware Pottery Wheel For Beginners

Mindware pottery wheel is a great way to encourage the crafty and creative side fo your kid. Young clay enthusiasts can use this kit to make creative clay objects.

Dont worry if your kid left handed, the wheel has a switch on the side to let artist choose the settings for both handed artists.

The instructions that come with the kit are extremely detailed and leaves nothing to guess. They are filled with practical and information and images that even kids can follow and learn by themselves.

 After your kid has finished, there are also decorative materials in the kit that helps them enhances its beauty more. The pottery kit has been made by keeping beginners in mind. It also consists of a lot beginner-friendly features such as safety stop features that prevents your motor from overheating.

Apart from this, the wheel is also more durable and well built than most general pottery wheels in the market. The 12 paints included in the kit also keeps it fresh and new.


A lot of beginner-friendly features


The motor is not that powerful


The kit has everything you need to get started with pottery. It's a fine kit that helps your kid get started and master the art.  

3) Cool Maker  Pottery Studio

As the name suggests, Cool maker potter studio is the coolest looking pottery studio in the market. The kit includes everything you need to get your kid start sculpting beautiful designs.

The kit has 6 different projects to choose from so that your kid never gets bored like jewelry Holder, Smart Phone Speaker, Pencil Holder and more. The kit also consists of 10 metallics colors for your kid to get even more creative with their clay. The tools are high quality and wont break anytime soon.

They re also easy to clean. The top down approach also helps kids and even beginners to start with pottering. The wheel needs 4c batteries to work which is not included in the kit.


Variety of tools

Variety of color options


Battery not included


Cool maker is inexpensive quality pottery kit that every kid will love. The tools give more than enough variety for kids to experiment new things. The kit offers unique experience  to kids and beginners alike.

4) Cra-Z-Art 14500 Pottery Wheel

Pottery kit by Cra-Z-Art is an affordable and budget option. If you are on a shoe string budget and still want a pottery kit that does a decent job, this is the one you should go for.

The wheel is battery operated leaving your hands free for sculpting. The toolset that comes with is also surprisingly high quality and durable.

However great the kit is, it is not silent as you want it to be. Although for this price point, you cannot complain about it.

Also the kit lacks a proper instruction guide to set it up and use. But this is not a problem as there are plenty of youtube tutorials available on this topic. Overall, this is a perfect starter kit to get for your kid. 


Affordable pricing

Variety of tools


no instruction guide


Simply put, the kit does is job really really well. It also provide best bang for your buck. It's cute and colourful pottery kit that is perfect for kids.

5) US Art Supply Pottery

If you are a kid who has some experience or is looking for something more serious, you should consider this kit. It is a heavy duty potter wheel that is capable for more than building basic sculptures.

The kit is great at making larger and more serious projects. The kit helps your kid to use his creative with no limitations.

The top and base of the wheel is made by heavy cast metal joined by heavy duty ball bearrings makes this extremely durable and stable. The bearrings also lets the wheels rotate smooth and silently.

The concentric circle on the top allows kids to easy center their work. The feature is especially helpful for beginners.

Surprisingly, the wheel only weighs around 10 lb which lightweight. Its light enough for you to move when necessary but not enough to travel with it.


Super sturdy

Heavy duty construction with built to last quality

Smooth and silent

Concentric circle makes easy to center your work.




The kit is great for projects that take a lot of time to complete as its extremely stable and durable.  

Best Pottery wheels - Buying guide

Pottery is a safe and enjoyable way for kids to spend their time away from their phones. It keeps them busy and helps them be more creative and imaginative. It also builds their confidence when they succeed in making their projects.

Now that we have been through the best pottery wheels market lets see what factors you should pay attention when making a purchasing decision.

a) Brand

Buying a from well known is always a good idea, to begin with. You have almost assured a quality product which is backed by a solid guarantee. Never opt for cheap brands as they don't last long.

b) Material

Safety is number one priority for any parent. Always make sure that the clay that comes with the kit is non-toxic and follow standard guidelines.

c) Durable and stable

The wheel should be stable enough to handle projects. However, if you are trying to build larger projects that require a lot of time then should you should consider more heavy duty wheel. The tools should be durable and not break.

Final words

After this guide, you are more than armed enough with enough knowledge to find a suitable pottery kit for your kid. Also never forget to check reviews by users online.

You can also go to niche specific forums and see what other people are getting for their kids. You can always ran out of clay if your kid uses them too soon.

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