Best Santa Cruz Longboard review 2019 – Top 3 Choices

Founded in 1973, Santa Cruz have been in the industry for about 40  years. The company has been founded by dedicated skateboard enthusiasts. They have been successfully building high quality boards at a affordable price range

In short, You cannot go wrong when choosing santa cruz boards. 

1) Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Freeride Longboard 

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40"
  • Deck size: 10" x 40"^Construction technology: Drop-Thru^Comes pre-assembled with Santa Cruz trucks and Santa Cruz wheels

Santa cruz lion longboard offers a new shape with drop through mounted deck. The african design of the board is bound the make you stand out from the crowd.

The stunning board is 40 inches long and 10  inches wide. The deck of the baord is made of high quality maple which is super strong and durable. You can expect to last a few years without breaking.

The board offers some of the smoothest and nice ride over hard and rough surfaces. If you live in a neighbourhood with bad you should buy this one immediately. Risky riders are gonna fall in love with this board as its not only fast board but gains momentum quiet easily as well.

Basically, it will take where you need to go. You can ride this miles at a time without any problems. 


Carves like butter

Good wheels and premium quality deck

Good for both beginners and advanced riders


Right out of the box, the trucks are too tight for turning and carving. It has an easy fix.


The board is breathtakingly beautiful. The design and color are some of the best. Its killers looks are alone makes it worth buying. Combine it with jam packed features and decent pricing and you got winner there. Definitely worth checking it out!

2) Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta 

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch
  • Complete 8.8 by 27.7-inch skateboard with a flat Cruzer concave deck
  • 16.5-inch wheelbase; 2.7-inch nose; 4.3-inch kick tail
  • Bullet B137 trucks, Bullet hardware, and ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Road Rider 65-millimeter 78A wheels
  • Bottle opener in the bottom of the deck; clear spray-on grip

Similar to Lion god longboard, Santa cruz skate land shark is one of the visually stunning boards. The color grading is light and friendly.

The cruiser board is small and lightweight. If you are somebody who likes to strap the board on the back and take it with you, then you should buying this board should be a no brainer.  

The board boasts fo sturdy deck for stable ride. The kick tail is a nice touch for keeping the ride fresh. The graphics on the bottom and top are not only well done and detailed but also durable.

The spray on grip tape promises traction without spoiling the grahics on the board. The 78a road rider wheels are translucent and  keep the ride noise free and super smooth. The abec 7 bearing are standard quality nothing exceptional.


Portable and lightwieght

Beginner friendly

Fantastic visuals

Affordable pricng




It's really lightweight and portable board for people who like to strap it on their backs. The board delivers an easy riding experience for a affordable price. Worth checking it out.

3) Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard 

Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard (9.9 x 43.5-Inch)
  • The Mahaka Rasta is the perfect cruzer for the island lifestyle Soft wheels get you anywhere
  • 100% North American Maple deck
  • They're Cruzers, not longboards! Mahalo!
  • Comes with Bullet B150 Black Cutback Trucks, Transluscent green Road Rider 65mm 78A durometer wheels, spray on grip, Bullet abec 3 bearings

Mahaka Rasta is another fantastic board in this list. The cruiser board Is designed for island lifestyle.

It feautres a really deck that does not flex. The deck does not even flex. If you are bit heavy site, then you should seriously consider this board as it will not break by your weight.

The design is flawless and looks absolutely stunning when riding. The abec bearings are standard in the market. The built in bottle openers works well too.

You might have to replace the bushings in the truck as they are not as responsive as you want them to be. Bushings are really cheap so it should nt be a problem.


Extremely durable

Affordable pricing




It's a near perfect for starter riders and perfect who loves cruising around. Its a high quality product with soft wheels that promises a smooth and fun filled ride. Highly recommended.

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