Best Skateboard for Kids 2019 Buying Guide

Skateboarding is fantastic sport for to get your kid into.

Finding a good skateboard  for your kid that keeps him safe and also looks stylish can be time consuming task. To save time and even money, we have compiled the list of best skateboard in the market.

 Let's dive into it below.

1)SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

Designed for kids below 12 years old, this is the most complete skateboard you will need. It is a kid sized board which is made from top quality components. From the first push to advanced tricks and stunts, the board is perfect for kids. Unlike the deck of other skateboards, the deck of skatex skateboard is made of bamboo and not maple. This is why the skateboard is significantly lighter and easy to carry than other boards. Skaterx has designed the deck of the board by keeping your children in mind for them to balance and manoeuvre. The deck of the board is specifically designed for the re also easy to jump and perform other tricks and stunts. When investing in skatex, you are investing in a high-quality product that is built to last. Top notch quality material, Safe , wide variety of style colors to choose from, this board excels in all of it.

For both beginners and children
Durable, Lightweight and stylish
The construction and design is very well put


It is no doubt, this is one of the best gifts you can give to your kid. From beginners to advanced, this board is well suited for all.

2) World Industries Flameboy Custom Shape Cruiser Skateboard, Yellow, 8.25 x 31.25-Inch

Made from top-notch quality materials, this is one skateboard that wont disappoint. The world industry have been making putting out amazing skateboards for decades. They have build a great reputation among the skateboard community by consistently providing quality boards. Fortunately, this board also lives up to its reputation. Everything about the board speaks quality, the aphec 5 bearings that ensures a smooth and noiseless ride to durable decks that have built to last quality. But what really sets it apart is its design and vibrant color grading. The unique design is not only meant to make your stand out but also appeal to kids. The graphics  are of good quality and will not fade which is usually the case with most boards in the market. Leave fire trails when riding this board on the street.


Smooth ride
Unique and vibrant graphics
Affordable price range

The graphics and design although is appealing to kids might turn teenagers turned off.

THe board is well built and the construction quality is top notch. The board does a good job of keeping your kid boarding experience safe and happy.

3) KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC pro skateboard is the most complete skateboard your kid will ever need. With kids skateboards, its mostly "You get what you pay for".KPC skateboard is here to prove it wrong. The board offers a concave deck which ensures a strong foothold on the board and also makes it easy to do tricks. Cheap boards are usually made of cheap quality materials and are almost never durable. You kids will either grow up or grow sick before this board breaks.  The board is available in wide range of color and graphics to suit your kids style. Apart from features, the main selling point of the board is its competitive pricing. If you are on a tight budget but also want your kid to have a fun filled and safe ride, then this board is perfect for you.


Extremely durable

Unique and colorful designs

Extremely affordable pricing


Obviously, what set this board apart is its selling price. You cannot get a better for this price.

4) Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Fly your way on the street with Golden Dragon skateboard. The affordable board does an excellent job of keeping your kid and safe and ensure fun-filled ride. The board is designed for both beginners as well as advanced users. That means you dont have to invest in a new board when you kid start taking interest in advance level tricks and stunts. Apart from the stunning features, the board also comes in rather affordable price range. The dragon graphics on the board is durable and the colors do not fade away as you use. The bearings are of good quality and ensures a smooth and noiseless peaceful ride. The wheels of the board are hard wheels which are great for skateparks and sticks and stunts. The board does not fare well on roads as the board features hard wheels which are meant more for tricks and stunts. If you want a board for traveling or going to school you can replace the wheels with soft wheel which is more suitable for the traveling needs instead of tricks and stunts. The unique and vibrant dragon design will undoubtetly make your kid the most popular the kid of the block and make you stand out.Overall the board is great budget option that gives your kid a good and safe experience.


Dragon design is eye catching and beautiful


Affordable price range




An eye catching board that can bee seen from a distance will make your kid stand out and also provide a great boarding experience for both beginners and advanced kids.

5) Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners

 “Skateboard” itself a cool and fun sports equipment to have for kids. Merkapa has managed to find a way to take the coolness factors of skateboard to the next level by adding wheels which light up when your kid is riding. The light in the wheels do not required you to charging or battery for work. From a beginner to master, this board serves all. The wheels are do not only look good but also offer  super shock absorption fine abrasion resistance, and tight grip which makes your the ride and safe and smooth. Expect your kid to get get a lot of attention and impress everyone with this board.


Attractive Design

Extremely affordable

Fantastic durability

Led light up wheels which do not require charging or batteries.

Perfect grip that avoids slipping




The design and wheel really take the cake with this board. The pricing is the cherry on the top. The wheels just makes it more fun as well. . Except nothing but happiness when you gift this board to your kid.

6) RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard

 Be the hero of your child by gifting him this skateboard. This penny skateboard works well for beginners as well as advanced riders. The board is lightweight and one of the most affordable quality boards available in the market. Rimalbel features a kick tail which allows your kid to perform tricks and stunts which is always an advantage. The board has the smoothest cruise. Riding on the board is same as waving hot butter stack on fresh pancakes. The board comes in wide variety of colors to suit your kids style. You can expect nothing but quality with this board. The board is a bit too short as the stability can become a problem when riding too fast. Just take extra care that of it and you should be fine.


Affordable, lightweight and durable

Attractive design and graphics

A kick tail for tricks and stunts


Smaller than standard size


Good quality and affordable do not go hand to hand unless its Rimable skateboard.

7) High Bounce Complete 22" Skateboard

High Bounce skateboard does exactly what its name suggests (Duh!). This board is designed to be bouncy and is insanely easy to   jump and perform tricks. If your kid is adventurous and daring, this is the board you shouldn't miss. Thanks to its ace7 bearings, the board is super smooth and makes no noise while ridding. Essentially the board slides like butter on hot plate.The board is bright in color, you can spot your kid coming from far away. The deck is made of comfortable plastic which makes it easy to keep your feet on. Like most good boards available in the market, you dont have to dig a hole in your pocket to  get this one. Getting more value for the price is always a plus point in my books. Pack that up with good design and unique patterns and you got a master board with you. Bounce upon your competitor with this board.



Smooth and comfortable


The deck is fragile and should be good enough for kids.


The differentiation factor with the board is its ability to bounce and perform tricks easily. Learning new tricks and stunts are quite easy makes it perfect for beginner kids.

8) ANCHEER Mini Cruiser

Ancheer Mini Cruiser skateboard is an excellent choice for kids who want to use skateboard for traveling to school and other traveling purposes. The board is very lightweight and can easily fit into your backpack. The wheel bearings are makes the board super fast and smooth with no noise while ridding. The wheels are all well built and constructed to fit properly. The cruiser is easy to learn and master. If your kid is a beginner or a an expert, this board can be good choice. Available in wide variety of colors to match your kid style.


Wide variety of colors



High speed precision bearings that keep it smooth and fast.




Honestly, the price is too good for the value of the board. Wether you are struggling parent, or just dont want to invest lot. This board can be a great option. This is multi purpose board that can be used for daily travel as well tricks and stunts.

9) MINORITY 32inch Maple skateboard

Minority is designed for both beginner and experts alike. Minority skateboard is described as “High quality riding experience with low pricing” which is as precise as it gets. The construction and build quality is top notch. The symmetrical shape not only compliments the style and color but kick tail with more than enough space to add comfort. The concave decks also helps the rider manoeuvre easily. Every board on the list have unique and attractive similar to minority board as well. The board is available in wide range of variety ranging from trendy to vintage. The graphics on the bottom of the deck are durable and detailed. The board is well worth the penny and you get the most fun per dollar value from this board.


The concave deck is well tested for manoeuvrability

The vintage design are very cool and makes you stand out

Affordable pricing point


The grip tape might peeling after using the board couple of times 


This is a great stylish board that is bound to skyrocket your kids popularity with its design and graphics. The quality of the deck is great and the bearings are smooth and fast. The board is well tested for manoeuvrability in various environment. Except nothing but a smooth ride

10) PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 21" Wood Cruiser Skateboard, Spidey Eyes

A Spiderman skateboard! You dont need anything more to get your kid excited. Spiderman is arguably the most popular superhero of all time. Imagine the happiness your kids gonna have when he sees his favourite superhero styles board. The board is perfect for any kid who is fan of the web slinger. The board has nice and durable graphics that would not fade away as you starts riding. Apart from the design, the board has solid construction and and grip is decent. The board has just the right amount of space to have comfortable ride. The kick tail also offers a quick and safe way to hit brakes. This is not the best board on the market, but does a great job for its price.


Spiderman Graphics are durable and vibrant.

Extremely affordable pricing


The Wheels are of poor quality


The board is one of the affordable if not the most affordable decent boards on the market. The pricing is sweet for buyers who aren't interested to invest a lot.

Buying guide

There are number of factors that we use to evaluate the best skateboards in the market. The first and most important factor we considered was safety. Safety of their kids is number one concern for any parent or guardian. After that, we see how durable and strong the skateboard is as we dont want the board to break after a few rides. We expect them to last long enough to get the most value out of it. We also take into account about how smooth and noise free the board is when riding. Lastly, we consider the look, design and overall constructions of the board. Lets take a dive into each factor below


Safety of their kids is number one concern for any parent or guardian. The boards in the list keeps your kids safe. The boards should have good control to avoid falling. The deck should have good grip and be large enough for kids to have comfortable foothold.


Durability is largely dependent on what material is the board. The cheap material do not last long and can break just after few riders. Make sure that board is made of quality materials which can withstand worst falls. 


As this guide is about skateboard for kids, we make sure that boards are friendly. The design and graphics should be appealing to the kids. The graphics should be durable and not fade away later. The shape should have enough space for the kids to stand and control the board easily.


After your kid learnt skateboarding, he will see the world with whole different perspective. He wont see ordinary stairs, ledges or rails.. you would see the tricks that he could perform on the spot. How he can kick flip on the on air while jumping downstairs. All of this will remain even when he doesn't have a skateboard or he is in a new location. This perspective will help in different fields of life as well. Gifting your kid a skateboard is undoubtedly the one of the best things you can do as a parent.

Healthy benefits of skateboarding for kids

There are various benefits for kids to have a skateboard both physical and mental. Here are some of those 

Staying fit and healthy

Just like any other outside sports, skateboarding also keeps you fit and healthy. Not every kid is into outside but unlike most sports , skateboarding is more fun and less intense.

Imporves balance

Skateboarding requires you to have have proper balance. Children learn a sense of balance while riding skateboard everyday. It also strengthens their core muscles by performing tricks and stunts.

Mental benefits

Increases confidence level

You and I both agree how important is confidence in life. When skateboarding children different tricks and stunts. Once they succeed in doing tricks they enjoy a sense of accomplishment which builds their inner confidence.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world"

-  Albert Einstein.

Kids enjoy the freedom to not only perform various tricks and stunts but also make their own stunts and give it name. They can be as creative as they would like to be. This boost their imagination and be more creative in other fields such as studies as well.

Not giving up

We couldn't stress how important it is for kids to have persistence in any field. Tricks and stunts take a lot of time to learn and even longer to perform properly. Kid have to fall and get up after each failed attempt. All of this pain teaches them how they need to keep going without giving up.

Make more friends

Older or younger, the passion for skateboarding bridges different generations. Just take your kid to into any skatepark and he will end up more friends then you can imagine.

Other than that, skateboard also makes daily commute to school faster, easy and fun.



Are skateboard safe for children?

Skateboards are safe as most outdoor sports. Just make sure that your kid is wearing protective gear and pads at all time when he is ridding and you should be fine. 

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