Best wagon for kids 2019 – Buying Guide

Wagon has is a must have gear for any parent. It gives a safe and comfortable place for kids for kids to hangout.

It helps parents keep their kids in one place while commuting and not worry about them running in front of cars.

The are more choices than ever while choosing a wagon. It can be tedious task to choose a good wagon that suits your needs best and looks good and stylish

 Here are the list of best wagon which are available in the market

1)Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

Radio flyer is a folding wagon. This wagon is bound to make your life easier. The brilliance of the wagon is how convenient it is to pull kids in crowded places like amusement parks and malls.

The design and color is definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. The roof of the wagon can also double as food table (Ha-ha). The wagon is said to be for not more than two children but the weigh capacity of is about 150 lbs which is huge. This huge weight capacity can definetly come handy when transporting heavy toys and blocks. The wagon also serves multiple needs by offering three different seat configurations. Shifting between various configurations is super easy and lightning quick. First, allows you to bring a friend with you while second gives your kid a bench to sit in beach or a park. Last one is Flatbed Hauling which can be used to carry toys and other utilities. The wagon is extremely easy to fold and can fit into the backseat of your car. The seats of the wagon are padded to keep your kid at comfort at all times. On top of it, the wagon is super lightweight as well.

The material the Wagon is made of is Durathick fabric which is makes the wagon durable. You cannot go wrong when choosing this wagon



Easy to clean

Lightweight and easy to transport




The wagon is super comfortable, lightweight and does a great job of pretty much everything. The three seat confihurations also makes it more useful than an ordinary wagon. 

2) Berlin Red Wagon for Kids - Made In the USA - Hardwood & Reinforced Steel Body, Rubber Tires | No-Pinch Handle & No-Tip Steering F410 Sport Wood Wagon

Stand out from the rest with this bright red wagon. The design of the wagon is so unqiue that it can be spotted from a distance. When you use this wagon in a crowed place, you are bound to get a lot of attention. The tires of the wagon are wide and can roll easyly on any terrain.The wide wheels also prevents it from sinking into the sand on beach or falling off from cracks on the road. The wagon provides a smooth and noise free experience to your kid. The construction is solid and sturdy and takes 5 mins to assemble.


Built to last quality

Large wheels


The price can be too high.


The wagon does an excellent job of keeping your kid happy and safe. You can expect a smooth ride even in the roughest terrain. With large wheels, you dont have to worry about tipping on cracks and gaps.

3.Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red

“My mum is my favourite” whispered john when asked whose his favourite parent after his mother gifted him this wagon. Step 2 wagon is sturdy and the overall construction quality is top notch. For extra safety of your kid, the manufacturers have added push Lever door to latch once the kid has entered or exited the wagon. The interior of the wagon has 4 separate cup holders and built in and other space for snacks and food when riding in the parks and beaches. If you dont find it sufficient, there is also extra storage to bring clothes and other kids stuff. The wagon folds conveniently and can be easily carried. The wheels makes no noise while ridding when compared to most other wagons. The seat belts are a nice touch to avoid your Houdini of a kid escaping. The only downside of the wagon is it can be somewhat difficult to assemble. The instruction manual is not clear but tough to follow as well. Otherwise, the wagon is perfect for parents who want to take their kids to beach and other long walks


A multi purpose wagon

Spacious interior with inbuilt cup holders

Extra storage


Difficult to assemble


Fantastic choice for parents who like to bring a lot of extra clothes and other snacks with them when taking long walks with the wagon. Overall, its worth each penny.

4) Roadmaster Pacific Cycle 34" Steel Wagon

 Like a ice cream on a sunny day, some things never go out of style. Roadmaster has this classic well built design that follows the same suit. The Edges of the wagon is smooth and not sharp to keep your kids safe and injury free. The weight limit is 250lbs which is not only more than enough to handle your kids but also ton of toys and kiddie stuff if needed. The 8 inch tires are made of top notch quality rubber which ensures a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. The wagon is extremely easy to assemble, the instructions are easy to follow and should not take more than 20 minutes to complete. If you love the classic look, you should look no further. 


Smooth edges keeps your kid safe.

Rubber wheels keep the ride smooth on cracks and gaps

Affordable price range


The bolts aren't of the best quality


The wagon looks cool and fun to pull. The kids will definitely have a blast with it.

5) Step2 Canopy Wagon

 Step 2 Canopy is all around good wagon. The canopy offers 2 moulded cup holders  for Kids who love taking their juice box with them. There are also small compartments to keep miscellaneous items like keys and phone so that you can hear them when they ring. The wagon is compact and features a long handle that folds under wagon when not in use. The wagon is portable and can fit in car very easily. The canopy is made of high quality plastic that is detachable. The wagon has deep well for legs to keep your kid comfortable and not congested. DOnt you worry when your kid spills his orange juice in the wagon, the cleaning process is a breeze. The canopy is sturdy and wind cant blow them off which is important when taking the wagon to beach. Expect great compliments from everyone when using this wagon. 



Canopy can be installed and removed easily

Has storage compartments



The wagon is very convenient for parents who like to take their children to the routine tasks like shopping for groceries or malls. The extra storage compartments can be used to keep toys that will keep your kid busy while you shop without distractions.

6) little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

Little Tikes wagon is a luxury ride that is geared towards more for beach and sunny days. The wagon comes with an umbrella that can be attached and detached easily. The Umbrella keeps your kid out of the sun on beach and safe from sunburn. You can even adjust the umbrella as per your need position. Alongside the umbrella, there is also a cooler where you can keep your drinks juice cold. What makes this wagon stand out from rest is that it can be transformed into bench that both adults and kids can enjoy. The drink holders and seat belts are also nice touch. 


The umbrella is really strong and can withstand strong wind on the beach

The wagon is high quality materials

Can be transformed into bench when needed

The wagon handle flips underneath for portability and easy storage.


The wagon can be too big for some people

7) Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon

Another fantastic addition to our list is Radio flyer 2 in one wagon. This wagon is as compact as a wagon can get. The seatings of the wagon holds up as well as down for maximum seating capacity. The seat belt keeps your escape artist of a son safe. There are 4 cup holders is for kids who cant go without loads of juice boxes. The leg room isn't as big as other large wagons but still enough to be comfortable. All good things combined, this wagon wont disappoint. 


Durable, can expect to last many years


The screws near the seat have sharp edges, you can blunt them with tape before riding.

8) Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon

 Step 2 whisper kids wagon is as versatile as a wagon can get. This wagon is not just meant for kids but also adults as well. (Bonus points for that). For adults, the wagon can double as a carrier for transporting stuff and goods. You can also use it for other recreational chores such as dirt, mulch and other garden work in your backyard.  The wagon can be turned to a flat bed for kid to sleep when he gets cranky. The wagon is very well made and sturdy. It can easily fit 2 kids with ease. The wagon comes with a table surface which come in use more often than you would expect. The table is made of high quality materials that are easy to clean. Great for kids snacks. 


Durable and portable

Removable trays are easy to clean

Well built, rugged and sturdy 


Wagon is difficult to assemble


With so many uses for both kids and adults, the wagon provides the best bang for your buck.

 9) Step2 Neighbourhood Wagon

Step2 Neighbourhood wagon maintains the quality like the other wagon made by the same manufacturer.  The wagon Features two cup holders and a small compartment for kids to bring their toys. The seat belts keeps your kid tucked in safely. The handle of the wagon can be folded underneath to fit better in cars. The comfortable seats of the wagon makes long ride fun and enjoyable experience. The plastic material the wagon is made of is sturdy and meant to last for years. The leg well is more than deep enough to keep the kid comfortable and still  have enough to room to move his legs. 



High quality plastic material


It can be tough to steer in street turns.


The Wagon is easy to pull, comfortable and more than enough storage to keep your kid essentials with you at all times. Definitely good value for price.

Buying Guide

Wagons are gonna be with you for a really long period of time. It is important that you choose the right one for your kids. 

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the best wagon for kids


Wagons are usually super safe for kids and children. But sometimes whenever there is ride on toy, there always can be sharp edges and screws that can potentially harm your child. Always make sure that the edges are not raw and are smooth.

How many kids do you have? If you have more than one kid, it is almost certain that you do not want them on the single seat wagon.


When kids aren't comfortable they get cranky. You definitely check if the seats are not too hard and belts are adjustable. The leg room should have enough space for your kid to move his legs around. The seat should not be too small as it can get congested. 


Storage can be used by both kids and adults. Kids can always bring their toys with them that will keep them while you shop and adults can keep keys and phones in it.


You dont want to buy a wagon only to get broken after few months. Durability largely depends upon the construction and quality of materials the wagon is made of. It's better to buy from reputed brand that has been building high quality wagons consistently for years than some local brand that has just entered the market. That way you are almost 100% sure that the wagon will be will last at least for a good amount of time depending on the use.  You can also prolong to life span of the wagon by not overloading.

Multiple purpose

 Bonus points should be given when a wagon can be useful for not just as a wagon. Some wagon can transform themselves into a bench which can be used by  kids to sit when tired on beach. There are also wagon which can be used to transport garden and other stuff around when needed. An extra use is always a plus point when making a buying decision.


Kids can make a simple task such as getting groceries difficult. Kids wagon keeps them busy and let them enjoy in their own little world. Every parent should have a wagon for their kids. 


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