Best longboard for dancing 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

Like the saying goes "Its not about the destination but the journey" Longboard dancing is not about reaching a certain place as fast as you can but rather enjoying and expressing yourself throughout the ride.

Longboard dancing is a skillful art that involves a lot of personal style and flow to it. It involves a lot of stepping, curving, whirling, spinning and flipping tricks. To be able to do longboard dancing safely and perfectly you need a good longboard. 

There are many types and choices in the market and this guide will help you to choose one that will suit your style and needs. Further, this guide will also review five of the best boards in the market, highlighting why other longboard dancers like them and why they stand out from the rest of the pack.

1) Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo longboard

THe name of the board is derived from a energetic dance form originating from India.  Bhangra bamboo board is made by company Loaded which is one of the trusted manufacturers in the industry.  The deck of the board is  48.5” inches long to give the rider plenty amount of space to perform crazy dance moves comfortably. 

Apart from dancing, the board is great for daily commute and general cruising as well. 

It comes with two variations of flex to cater for people of different weight. Flex 1 is ideal for heavy riders about 150 – 250 lbs while flex 1 is ideal for lighter riders about 90 – 190 lbs. 

The board comes with Orangatang wheels that grip the road really well and give you much desired stability while allowing you easy movement when you carve or do your tricks. You can also choose the wheels depending on your style of dancing. The softer ofter 80a wheels are perfect for carving, cruising and commuting while the firmer 86a wheels are meant for tricks and sliding.

The board is very well carved and sturdy. The bamboo flexes just right for comfort and to allow you easy movement during your tricks and dances. The wheels are 180mm and with 50 degrees turning response so making moves is pretty easy and effortless. The wheels also have wheel wells that reduce chances of wheel bite.

The design of the board is a mellow concave with a long nose and tail. This streamline figure allows for easy movement and control of the board without interfering with your footwork. On the platform, the rockered design holds on well to your feet reducing chances of sliding during movement and ensuring you safety. 

The board is highly ergonomic and everything works in tandem to ensure that you can be able to flow and dance with ease. 


  • Has a generous space with a length 48.5”, width 9.5” and a wheelbase of 32.75”.
  • Comes with several variations on the flex and the wheels to choose what suits your style and body weight. 
  • Highly user friendly and easy to dance on
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable and safe


  • It is an expensive board
  • It is specifically meant for dancing
  • It is a little bit heavy at 6.3lbs.

2) Magneto Longboards

The Magneto longboard is a highly versatile board that can be used for dancing, downhill, free style and cruising. This board is made of high technology using carbon fiber, bamboo and fiberglass hybrid materials. This ensures you get a lightweight yet durable longboard. 

Further, the board is very aesthetically appealing to enable you show your personality when you have it with you. 

The trucks are special 7” high angle gravity trucks. These are suitable for any sort of aggressive riding and carving. The high wheels also help to reduce vibrations keeping you comfortable and stable on the platform. Speaking of which, the platform is generous in size at a length of 37”. The high wheels also enable the board to be able to cut and carve around obstacles with ease. 

To keep you contained the deck has a W - concave shape which also allows easy movement and tricks. That is not all, this Magneto longboard has a short nose and tail with a streamlined shape that allows you to go really fast. 

The combination of the materials used to make this board ensures you get an advanced board that will last you long and allow you to dance like an expert. It is lightweight too and so comfortable to be on, even for long rides. 

The board also comes gripped with a sandblast clear grip style. The deck therefore can keep you stable even when riding downhill. The board is stiff and can withstand heavy riders. 


  • Made of a blend of highly durable and damage resistant materials
  • Ideal for going really fast
  • Can be used for a wide range of longboard activities
  • It is highly stable while riding and rides smoothly
  • Very comfortable
  • You can ride it out of the box


  • If you like boards with a tail then this one is not for you
  • You might have to replace the bearings and bushings soon

3) Volador Maple Dancing Longboard

The Valodor dancing longboard is made using 8-ply cold pressed maple for a durable board that gives you just the right flex. The deck is spacious at 46” allowing you to move and step with ease. The 37” wheelbase keeps you stable throughout your ride. 

The maple deck absorbs shock keeping you comfortable even on those rocky rides. To ensure you are safe and protect your board from damage also, there are wheel wells and raiser pads that prevent wheel bites at any angle. 

The Volador maple comes with the 7inch high wheels that can be adjusted according to your riding style. The deck is slightly concaved to allow you maximum paddling on the board to attain the momentum you need before you start dancing and doing tricks on it. 

 The trucks are 45 degree turning which give you very good accuracy when you are carving and spinning the board. The board is highly responsive and always gives a smooth ride. With the large wheels you can enjoy comfort even after riding for long periods. 

The finish is quality and meant to last. On the underside of the board there is the art Volador boards are known for. You can find anything from modern contemporary art to vintage art. There is also art suited for both boys and girls if you are getting a board for your teens you can choose appropriately. A Volador board is a board with personality and style. 

When you are looking for a board that will give you value and quality then this is it. It is a highly affordable board that is great for anyone looking to start longboard dancing. 


  • Made of comfortable and durable 8-ply maple
  • Provides ample deck space and wide wheelbase for stability
  • Comfortable to ride on even for long hours
  • Very easy to maneuver with high accuracy
  • Comes with striking graphics to show your personality
  • Highly affordable

Cons of the Volador longboard

  • Not suitable for advanced longboard dancers
  • The artwork on the board may fade over time

4) KROWN Exotic Bamboo Longboard

This deck is made using layers of bamboo sandwiching the maple core. This gives the KROWN board rigidity while still ensuring flexibility. With the flex of this board it is very easy and comfortable to do tricks and land on the board stable and comfortable. The board is very well made with a stable and sturdy look and feel to it. 

The wooden appearance of the board gives it a classic and expert look. It has a clear finish that shows the finish of the bamboo and the graphics on the board so it’s not a bore. The board comes ready to ride right out of the box. However, you might need to adjust the wheels to suit your riding style. 

The wheels are /71mm 78A high rebound urethane running on precision ABEC 7 bearings that ensure accuracy and smoothness of your ride. The trucks are heavy duty 7.0” aluminum truck. On the top the deck is also meant to enhance your dancing experience. 

The deck is wide and comes with clear grit to ensure you have enough grip regardless of the activity. Whether you are spinning, carving, stepping or just cruising you will have enough traction to keep you on the platform without sliding. 

Since this is not a dropthrough assembly the trucks will give you a very high turning radius and a highly responsive board. At 41” the deck is not too long to be cumbersome or too small to make it hard for you to move. It is a good size for beginners and experts alike. 

On the surface, the board is coated with a long lasting clear spray that protects the bamboo and the art for long. 


  • Very durable
  • With a clear finish that shows the bamboo the board has a classic look
  • Offers a very smooth ride
  • Highly accurate on the turns
  • It is ideal for a wide range of longboard activities
  • Made for aggressive riding
  • Quite affordable


  • The board is a little heavy at 7.7lbs
  • You might need to change the bearings if you want a faster ride. 

5) Loaded Tarab Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Tarab Bamboo longboard is a board meant for advanced longboard dancers. This is because of the high performance capabilities of this board. The platform of the board is big at 47” giving you the space you need for movement. The wheelbase is at 32.25” which is also very stable for dancing. 

The wheels are Orangutan 70mm stimulus wheels offering the right amount of grip to keep you stable while allowing you to slide with ease while dancing. If you want you can choose the 80a wheels which are good for cruising and commuting or the 86a wheels suitable for tricks and sliding. 

The Tarab comes in two flex variations to cater for dancers of varying weight. Flex1 is suitable for riders weighing 140-270 lbs. it has an extra bamboo veneer that adds to the stiffness and damping making this board suitable for heavy riders. Flex 2 on the other hand is suitable for riders weighing 80-190 lbs. This variation is slightly lighter and therefore allows for swift and easy movement on the board. 

For a perfect turning response, this board comes with the 180mm, 50 degree trucks. These trucks allow swift movement even when you are performing carves and tricks on the board. Nothing gives a rider more joy than knowing they are safe and have a setup they can rely on which is exactly the feeling you get with the platform of this board. 

The platform features a rockered profile and a concave design that keeps you intact on the profile while allowing ease of movement. The nose and tail are much smaller which makes the board easy to move around. The cork on the platform reduces vibrations to keep you comfortable while the griptape ensures traction for stepping and keeping you stable. 

This is the board that is meant specifically for dancing and especially for advanced longboard dancing.


  • Very well made using high quality materials and technology
  • Meant specifically for longboard dancing
  • Light weight
  • Highly ergonomic and comfortable
  • Very easy to move on
  • Very safe for dancing on


  • The board is quite expensive
  • Not suitable for free styling
  • Might not be the first choice for beginners.

Buying Guide

Getting the best setup longboard determines how well you are going to learn how to longboard dance or how well you will enjoy the activity. There are certain factors that you need to look out for when buying your longboard for dancing. Here are some of the factors to have in mind so that you get what is right for you.


if you are just starting out, you might not want to invest in an expensive longboard until you have learnt the tricks and are able to do them with ease. When you have learnt the tricks and how to dance you will be able to take full advantage of your advanced expensive model when you invest in one. 

While expensive prices might put you off, you should consider the features you are getting to determine whether you are getting value for money. Look at the materials used to make the deck, the design of the deck, the quality of the finish, the wheels of the longboard and the flex amongst other features. 

When you get a longboard that ticks all the right boxes then the price becomes a secondary consideration for you because you already know what you want. 

Dancing Longboard Decks

The other feature that you need to look at is the deck. The deck determines how easily you will be able to ride and how comfortable you will be. Ensure that the deck comes with grip that gives you traction and keeps you contained without sliding while on movement. It is also imperative that you check that the deck is made of materials that offer a lot of flex. 

A board with high flex is one that cannot break easily when you step and do tricks that cause you to jump and land on it. It is important that the deck also be able to hold your weight. Some decks will come with weight restrictions. Check to ensure that the board can hold your weight without breaking. 

The deck should be big enough to allow easy movement and give you the space to do your dances and tricks. Most good boards are anywhere between 40” and 47” and a width of 9” to 10”. These dimensions give you enough space to move and ensure your safety especially when you are a beginner. 

Depending on your style of dancing, you might also need a board with a nose and tail. The nose and tail are good for performing tricks such as shuvits. The nose and tail make it easy to incorporate freestyle moves in your dancing. 

Due to the size of the deck, your longboard might be a bit heavy. However, most manufacturers will try as much to ensure that you get a board that is lightweight enough to allow for swift movements and ease of use of the board. 


The other critical part you need to look at are the wheels. The wheels should grip the surface of the road well while still allowing you to slide, carve, spin and flip the board with ease.  Wheels that are over 70mm will allow you to have a good dance. 

The big wheels allow you to perform flatland tricks because they move slower on a single push than smaller wheels. This gives you stability during movement. They also ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride all through even in rough terrains. 

The best wheels like Orangatang wheels move for a long distance in just one push. This means that your board will keep moving as you perform your dances without need to keep pushing. 


The trucks are also an important consideration to have in mind. Ensure that you have trucks that allow for easy movement and accuracy. They should also be highly responsive and able to turn the wheels a great angle so carves and other tricks are easy to do. 


It is easy to choose a longboard for dancing when you know what you need. With this review and buying guide we hope that you will be able to make a choice that is right for you whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider and whether you want an expensive board or a value one. 

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