Best Pogo Stick For Kids 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

Pogo stick has been around for centuries. They're as fun as they ever were. They're one of the few toys that have lasted for so long and can never be replaced by digital medium. 

The pogo stick is the perfect combination of fun and exercise. Kids love jumping and nothing will make them happier than a visually stunning toy that will allow them to jump even higher. 

Pogo stick gives your kid fun and joyful experience that will remember even in their adult life.

Below we dive in the detailed buying guide, let's see some of the best pogo sticks in the market.

Here are some of the best pogo sticks available in the market.

ImageNameWeight CapacityFor agesWeight of the stickPrice

Flybar Foam Maverick

40 - 80 pounds


1 pound

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ThinkGizmos pogo stick


5 - 10

5 Pounds

Check Price

New Bounce Pogo Stick

80-160 pounds


5 Pounds

Check Price

Flybar Master Pogo Stick

80- 160 Pounds


7 Pounds

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Fisher Price Grow To Pro

Not given

5 - 8

6 Pounds

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1)Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick 

Ages: 5+

Weight capacity: 40-80 pounds

This pogo stick has been made by Flybar that has been in the business for a complete century. Its a great entry level pogo stick for your children to get the basics right.

The flybar pogo stick is as safe as pogo stick can get. The nonslip slip foot pegs of the stick keep your kid safe from falling and injuring. The entire stick is wrapped in high-quality foam material to keep your kid as comfortable as possible.

Along with stick, the handlebar is also covered with foam for extra comfort and security. The pogo stick offers heavy duty spring that will last for years before you need to replace.  

On top of all these great features, the stick is amazing to look at. You can expect to get a lot of attention when you take it with you to the park. The stick is available in seven unique attractive colors for your kid to choose from.


Available in various colors

A solid choice for beginners

High-quality foam on stick and handlebar

Comfortable and Durable




Flybar pogo stick provides a fun, safe and thrilling experience. The stick is beautiful too look at and comes in a wide range of colors. Definitely worth buying. Great for beginners


2) ThinkGizmos  pogo stick

Age: 5+ 

Weigh capacity: 90 lbs

The stick is designed for kids ages of 5-10. Its a perfect pogo stick to gift your kids this holiday season. The stick is aimed for younger enthusiasts. Apart from stunning looks, the stick also offers fun and safe way to burn calories.

This pogo stick is made by a thinkGizmos company which has 20 years of experience in the industry.

The stick offers a latest aero design which delivers even better stability and comfort. The stick is blessed with stunning and unique looks that will make your kid stand out in the park. Other features include ant-slip footpad which keeps your kid safe and slip free.

The foot pad is really easy to replace as well incase if looses the grip. The foam handles are comfortable and enhances the overall experience of the stick. The stick is available in a wide variety of colors to meet your kids style needs.

The low construction spring keeps the stick bouncy and fun. The stick also features low friction steel which keeps the bouncing smooth and noise free.  

All in all, Thinkgizmo pogo stick provides kids a memorable and joy filled experience that they will cherish forever.



Avalble in seven different colors

Silent and smooth 

Great construction quality




The stick is relatively affordable and does its job well. Your kid will fall in love with its bright and colorful looks. Definitely worth buying.


3) New Bounce Pogo Stick

For ages: 9+

Weight Capacity: 80 - 160 Pounds

Available in 8 different color combination, this pogo stick is lovely addition to your kids toys. The handle grip on the stick is padded to keep your kid comfortable while bouncing.

It's definitely useful when bouncing for a long period of time on the stick. It also makes it easy to hold onto when bouncing high. The frame of the stick is covered in foam which also keeps the stick durable.

Dont worry, if your kid doesn't like the color, there are plenty of other choices to choose from. For the quality you get with this stick, the price is incredibly low. 


Visually stunning

Affordable pricing

Padded grip keeps the handle comfortable

Available in wide range of colors




New bounce is a fantastic pogo stick that offers a safe and fun experience for small children. Also the stick is beatutifull to look at as well. Grab this stick as fast as you can. 


4) Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick
by Flybar

Age: 9+

Weight: 80- 160 pounds

Foam master pogo stick is another fantastic addition to this list. Designed for ages  9 and up, this stick does not disappoint.

The stick is very trick and beginner friendly for any kid. Your kid can learn to perform tricks and stunts pretty quickly with this stick. It offers high-quality spring which is completely covered in foam to keep your kid safe and secure.

Talking about safety, the stick comes with no slip pads for extra protection.  The weigh capacity of the stick is surpassing high. It can be used for both healthy kids and young adults.

If you plan to buy pogo stick for both your kid and an older kid or even yourself this is the one you should consider. In case, if your kid is under 80 lbs he wont be able to enjoy it full potential.

It is very important that you check your kids weight before buying.



Available in variety of colors

Really high weight capacity

Can be used by both adults and kids




Foam Master pogo stick is easily one of the best sticks in the market. The stick jumps and high allows your kid to perform tricks easily.


5) Fisher Price Pogo Stick

Age: 5 and up

Weight: 60 pounds

Fisher price is pogo stick for bother beginners and experts alike. You dont have to spend more on an advanced stick after your kid has mastered the basics.

 This stick practically grows with your child. The beginner friendly features include an extra large base to secure strong footing as well comfort. The base can be removed once your kid bounces like a pro.

The grip handles are perfectly sized for kids tiny hands. Other than this, the stick also has extra wide foot pedals which makes it incredibly easy for kids to stay on stick and bounce.


Detachable  large base

Wide foot pedals


Only limited color options available 


The pogo stick is one of the finest stick available in the market. Packed with beginner-friendly features, this stick is perfect for small children.


Buying Guide - Best Pogo stick 

Harmless fun and safe to enjoy can turn into an ugly mess if your stick is not well built. It is crucial that you choose the best pogo stick that suits your kids needs the best.

Before making a buying decision there is a number of factors that you need to consider. Here are they

1) Weight capacity

Every pogo stick has different weight capacity. It is very important that you check your kids weight first and then look for pogo sticks. Your child won't be able to bounce properly if his weight is not enough for the stick.

Similarly, if the weight is over the capacity, the pogo stick will break and not bounce properly. If you plan to buy a stick for both adults and kids, find a stick that high weight capacity.

2) Age appropriate

Just like weight capacity, it is also quite important to check to recommend age for the stick. It's usually written in product specifications.

If your kid older or younger than recommended, he won't find the stick as comfortable and fun as he should.

3) Color variations and visuals

As you are pogo stick buying for your kid, you should also take into account the looks of the stick. The stick should not look bland and boring.

Make sure you buy stunning pogo stick that catches attention. Kids loves vibrant and colourful graphics on sticks as well.

Basically, you can ask whats your kid favourite color and see how he likes it. 

4) Beginner friendly features

You should pay special attention to beginner friendly features if your kid is just starting out. Some of the include extra large base, wide foot pedals etc.

These small features goes long way keeping your kid safe and happy. Small details like these adds to the overall experience.

5)Silent and noise free

Make sure the pogo stick is smooth and does not make noise when bouncing. Your neighbours are gonna love you when you use silent pogo sticks. 

6) Weight of the pogo stick

 The weight of the stick is especially important if you plan to buy it for small children or ages around 5.

Children at that age cannot carry heavy pogo stick with them. You will carry it for them. Also if possible, try to find sticks that can fit in your car.


7) Comfortable

As kids tend to use pogo sticks it is crucial that the stick should be comfortable. The foam material should be of good quality. The grip should not be difficult to hold.


8) Brand

Its always a fantastic idea to choose pogo stick made by a brand that has been an industry for reasonable amount of time.

Also top brands offer a solid reliable guarantee so you are practically at no risk. With pogo sticks its usually you get what you pay.

Dont worry, you dont have to buy the most expense stick in the market. Mid price range should be good enough. Just make sure that you cheap sticks at all cost and you will be good. 


Final words

We promise you, gifting a pogo stick is one of the best things you can give to your child. Pogo sticks combine both exercise and fun for kids in a safe manner.

Pogo sticks help them get more social by going out to parks and meeting other kids. All of this experience makes your kid more confident. When they master all the tricks, kids can also make their own tricks and give then creative names.

This is in turns boost their imagination and give complete creative freedom. Both of these skills are essential to excel in other areas of life as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pogo sticks safe?

Yes, pogo sticks are completely safe for kids. But you should always make sure that your kids are wearing knee, elbow and helmet when bouncing in these sticks.



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