Best Sewing Machine for Kids 2019 – Buying Guide

One of the most beloved memories of  my childhood is sitting and seeing my mum stitches clothes for my father. Watching her sewing for hours peaked my interest in sewing as well.

Being just a child, obviously my mother couldn't allow me to use those heavy sewing machines that operate by peddling your leg was obviously too dangerous for a child.

Fortunately, in today's world through the advancement of technology, we have safe and secure portable sewing machines that even a toddler can use with proper knowledge. 

These sewing machines are not toys and can actually be used for sewing clothes and buttons. 

Before we dive into the buying guide, let's take a quick look at the best sewing machines in the market.

Best sewing machine for kids

ImagesNameStichesWeight (Pounds)Price

Singer Start



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Singer Simple



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Brother XM1010



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Brother XM2701



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Ever Sewn Sparrow 30



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Janome Fastlane Fuschia



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Janome JW8100



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Janome Courture



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1) SINGER Start 1304 Sewing Machine

Starting off with this gem of a model made by Singer. This sewing machine is extremely easy to use which makes it a a fantastic choice for kids and small children. Not only children, this machine is perfect for beginners who have recently started taking interest in sewing.  Singer start is easily one of the most popular sewing machine for kids for all the right reasons. The machine is available in 6, 19 and 23 stitch options. If your child is really young its better to choose the less stitch option to not confuse your child. The machine is lightweight and portable so that your kid can be entertained while sewing when you are traveling. The machine is built by keeping beginners in mind. There is also a simple four step button hole features that lets your kid add button holes in pillows and shirts with ease.

The instruction manual that comes with the machine is very easy to follow and implement even for kids. The machine comes with 6,19 and 24 stitch option to suit your kids needs the best.


Very lightweight, portable and compact (7-pound weight)

Top notch build quality

Affordable pricing




You cannot go wrong when choosing this machine. It is super kid-friendly and easy to learn. The overall construction of the machine is top notch and durable. Expect the machine to last for a really long time. Perfect starter machine for anyone!


2) Singer Simple Sewing Machine

Singer simple is a computerised sewing machine. It has 32 inbuilt stitches which covers all essential and most used patterns. Its perfect number of stitches for your kid to not get confused. The name of the machine describes the machine perfectly. Simple is easy to use and fun sewing machine to keep your kid happy.

 It is a solid high-quality sewing machine that is perfect for kids as well as beginners. The machine is portable and lightweight as well. Simple mainframe is built with heavy duty metal with good support. The carry handle on the top of the machine makes it easy to carry the machine around. The automatic threading option makes threading a piece of cake even for kid. The machine can stitch upto 750 stitches in a minute which is more than enough for your kid. The free accessories included with the machine are a pack of needles, seam ripper, thread spool Caps, Bobbins, L-Screwdriver, Darning Plate,Power Cord/Foot Control, and Soft-Sided Dust Cover. You can start sewing right after buying this machine. All the accessories provided are high quality as well which can be expected from Singer. 


Perfect for kids and beginners.

Extremely durable

25-year warranty




Packed with amazing features backed by 25 year warranty is a great choice for any kid.

3)Brother XM1010  Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machine will make your kid the coolest in the block. Filled with mind blowing features, its machine like no other. Its a plus size, compact and lightweight machine which comes with 10 built in stitches. The maximum stitching speed per minute is 750. The weight of the machine is 13 pounds which is farely easy to carry it around for kids of all ages. The button holder foot and 4 step button hole makes it  easy to create the perfect size button hole for specific clothes.  There is also diagrammatic presentation on the machine that shows you how to place the thread and wind it in bobby pin. Small details like these shows how much thoughts is put when making this model. 


Affordable pricing

Built to last quality

Packed with killer features


Can be a bit too heavy for small children 


Brother has been sewing industry leader for quite a some time. All of their products are top class and the same can be said about XM1010. The machine also comes with a reliable 25 year old warranty and free tech support. If you are looking for a starter machine for your kid, you should get this one without a second thought.


4) JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing Machine

Juki sewing machine will keep you wanting more. The machine is comes in high price range segment.  If you are looking to shed a decent amount for a quality product that will last years, then you should pay special attention to this one. But if you are on a tight budget and do not invest a lot, you can check other options on the list and see which one fits your kids need best. The machine is a beast when comes to technique and design. Because of such high quality and top-notch construction design, this machine makes little no noise when used. Which means you can have peaceful sleep at nighttime while your kid is finishing project in adjacent room.  The instruction manual that comes with the machine is extremely easy to follow even for kids. Other great features include, easily adjusting tension,


Smooth and silent.

Reliable and Durable 

Heavy duty construction




The machine is everything you ever wanted in a sewing machine. The features like automatic threader is huge time saver especially if your kid or you plan to sew frequently. It's very smooth and silent. The price can be intimidating to some, but it's worth every penny.


5)  Brother Sewing Machine XM2701

XM2701 is another quality sewing machine by Brother. This versatile machine is capable for various everyday projects. The machine has 27 built-in stitches that is good enough for beginners to start sewing and for experts to get more creative in their skill. As the machine weighs only 13 pounds, it makes for your kid to take it with him. While the DvD that comes with the machine is easy to follow, you are still better off just searching tutorials on youtube.

The selector dial makes it simple for kids to choose and operate the machine. The led lights on the machine will allow your kid to sew at night without turning on tube light in your room.


Lightweight and beautiful design.

25 years warranty

Affordable pricing 


Not great for super thick fabrics 


The machine will be appreciated by both experts and beginners alike.  The perfect first machine to give your kid.


6) EverSewn Sparrow30 Sewing Machine

Sparrow 25 is made my Eversewn company which is no stranger to the sewing industry. They have been known to make top notch quality machine. Sparrow 30  comes in mid-range price segment. It's a computerised machine with  astonishing 310 stitch patterns. This includes 32 utility, 84 decorative & 2 full alphabets which lets your kids give maximum creative freedom when sewing. In case, you dont need that many stitches you can choose lesser model sparrow 25. Some kids are more creative than other. The machine lets your kiddo to explore his imagination without any restrictions. Often times, advanced projects need specific settings which can only be achieved after a lot of testing. Once the settings are replaced by your usual ones, its always a pain to get them every time. This is where this machine really shines. One of the stand out function of the machine is its able to memorize settings. You can basically save specific settings and use it again when needed. This saves a lot of time. This encourages kids to not loose interest and built some real quality sewing projects. Cutting the thread can be frustrating for both child and adults. This machine lets you cut the thread with a push a button. The machine also comes with a beautiful slide table that lets you sew bigger piece of cloth. The maximum sewing speed is 850 stitches per minute. Surprisingly, the machine is quite lightweight and can be carried around.


Built to last quality

Modern design


Memory function

Slide table




Sparrow 25 is a powerful yet lightweight sewing machine that will fulfil all your your sewing needs. The memory functions is useful for projects that takes days or weeks to complete. 



If your kid doesn't like large sized sewing machine with lots and lots of option which he wont need. You should take a look at this cute and adorable machine. Michley LIl LSS-505 is perfectly small sized sewing machine with attractive design.  If you are looking for something durable and decent quality for really small budget, then buying this machine should be a no brainer. The sewing machine is one of the few machine in this price segment that actually delivers what it promises.  The instructional manual is also easy to understand and follow. Another selling point of the machine is its weight. The machine weighs only 6 pounds which makes it one of the lightest sewing machine in the market. This is huge advantage for kids who dont have sewing place and want to take their machine wherever they go. Also if you travel a lot you can take it with you as well. Other features include Led light, double thread, forward and backward sewing.


Extremely Lightweight

Affordable pricing

Basic features included


Not as durable as you would like to be, but great for its price.


The machine may be small compared to other machine market, but it gets the job done.

This machine grows with your child as your kid gets into the advanced stage. Highly recommended for smaller children!


8) Janome Fastlane Fuschia 

Fastlane Fuschia is made by Janome that offers 10 stitch patterns for your kids to choose from. It a portable and compact machine that is excellent choice for kids and beginners . The stitches include all the basic and essentials like straight, zig zag and crecent with two position of needle. Many kids dont  have a sewing spot at their home. As the machine weighs only 5 pounds, it makes it easy for kids to carry it all around the house. Does your kid hate the old white sewing machine? Fastlane sewing machine is available in 8 unique attractive colors to suit your kids style and choice. Looks definitely matter when choosing any product for kids. The machine does not have a Led light. This is not a big problem as you can just a small lamp for light.


Extremely lightweight

Available in wide variety of colors



No led lights


The machine is basic and made with beginners in mind. It's a solid choice for young entusiasts and hobbyist.

9) Janome JW8100 Sewing Machine

Janome JW8100 is a beast. The computerised heavy duty machine can handle all project of various scales. The weight of the machine is 20 pounds which nor too heavy or nor too light for kids. Everything about this sewing machine speaks quality. From construction and design to technology used, nothing feels cheap. The machine offers an LCD screen which instructions easy to follow instructions The machine delivers 100 stitch patterns including basic and fashion, 27 Heirloom, 28 Home Décor and 7 button hole. Such variety of stitches will allow your kid to be more imaginative and boost his creativity. There is a start/stop button on side for the convince. There is a also a detachable arm which turns the machine into free arm when removed. It is great for sewing smaller projects.

The machine is made up of heavy duty metal that is built to last. You can easily expect this machine for really long time without any jamming or other issues. It can be seen that the construction is clearly done well. The easy to follow diagrams are a nice touch as well.  

The machine is packed with professional as well as beginner level features. So you dont have to invest in a new machine after your kid reaches advance stage. Basically this machine grows with needs of your child.

The high quality cover that comes with the machine keeps it dust free and clean.


100 stitch patterns

Dust resistant cover

Removable free arm

Heavy duty construction





The machine offers end number of unique customisation to keep sewing exciting and fresh for your kid. And the convenience of the machine keeps him interested in sewing. Undoubtedly of the finest sewing machine available in the market.

10) Janome  Couture  Sewing Machine 

 Final on the list is Janome Blue Couture sewing machine. Color favouritism goes a long way, especially if you are a kid. The sewing machine comes in  beautiful colors that will make your kid fall in love with it on the first sight. The machines has been designed with beginners in mind. That means that not only the machine has kid-friendly features but also come with a lot of easy to follow youtube tutorials and manuals. The machine offers 15 most popular and versatile stitch patterns for kids which includes button 4 step button hole. Dont let the ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ look fool you. This machine is made of heavy duty frame that will last long period of time. The maximum stitches per minute is 800. There is also a removable arm which makes sewing small projects easier and faster. Led Light is a nice touch.


Heavy duty construction

Built to Last quality


The led light should be more bright. You can fix that issue by buying a small lamp.

The machine definitely delivers what it promises. It is packed convenient features that makes sewing a lot less stressful and more fun for kids.  The machine provides remarkable convince for any kid who just starting out in the sewing world.

Buying guide

Here are some factor that you should consider while choosing a sew machine for kids


No surprise here. Safety is the first thing to look for when looking for sewing machine for your kids. 

Even safest of sewing machine can be hurt the child. It is recommended that you supervise your child until at least a couple of times when he gets used to it. We recommend you to get a simple, lightweight sewing machine for your kid when he is starting out. Give him some and time to get used to it. After he's confident that he can handle bigger and more heavier machine safely, then you can then gift him a more advanced machine.

The machine should not be complicated to use. Sewing should be fun and cool and not 'complicated' and 'hard'. Choose a machine which has convenient features to making sewing enjoyable. Try to find a machine which has kid friendly and beginner friendly features.

Some of the safety features that you should pay special attention to.

Finger guard

Finger guard keeps your kids finger safe from sewing his own fingers. You should definitely buy a finger guard in case a machine does not come with one.

Adjustable speed

Let your child learn sewing in his own pace.


Mannual and Tutorial videos

This is not the topmost priority when choosing a sewing machine for your kiddo as their plenty of helpful youtube videos already available. But its still nice to have easy to follow instruction manual and specific function tutorials for the sewing machine.

This is especially important if your are beginner and might need to check manual again and again.



The main frame of the sewing machine should be made of strong metal to support sewing operations. The machine should be dependable and last long. The easiest way to avoid buying weak and fragile to make sure that machine is not buy a really cheap or non branded machine. With sewing machine, Its mostly you get what you pay for.


Brand Reputations

Buying sewing machine from a brand that has been in the industry for reasonable amount of time is always a better option than buying unknown machine from a local company. Firstly, branded sewing machines comes are backed by a reliable guarantee. So incase, anything goes wrong, you will now you are in safe hands.

Apart from warranty, the machine build and construction is significantly better that non branded ones.

Also there are guide, extra accessories and extra features that makes it even worth spending some extra money. 

Here are some of the trustable and quality brands that you can rely on

  1. Singer
  2. EverSewn
  3. Brothers
  4. Janome
  6. JUKI

Incase, you are not sure, you can check reviews online and see yourself. You can go even one step further and check how to company respond to negative reviews. 

Weight of the machine

Since you are buying machine for kids, it is very important that you check the weight of the machine. Some kids love to sew all around the house instead of one sewing place. Having a lightweight machine allows your kid to carry it around without any problem. Also it makes it easier to take the machine with you if you plan to travel. 

Variety of stitches

As much as 200 stitch patterns looks great on paper, there is a little to slim chance that your kid will use even half of them especially if its your first machine. Lookout for the machine who has the most essential and useful patterns and you are good to go. 


For the most part, With sewing machine its mostly you get what you pay for. But at the same time,  when you are just are introducing the kid to the sewing machine you might not need an expensive solution. 

Set a budget for the machine, and see what suits your kids need the best. 

Final Words

Watching your kids sew is one of the most satisfying things for parents. Making new designs not only boost their creativity but also help them concentrate from a younger age. Sewing and stitching their own buttons and clothes also teach them about responsibility.

Sewing also lets kid be more creative and imaginative which also helps them in future in other fields of life.


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