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Best Full Face Longboard Helmet 2019

For a longboarder, good helmet can signify the difference between a minor punch and serious long injury. As a starter, some longboarders just enjoy the thrill of wind around their body. But as they advance, they experiment with more complexed routines at much higher speed so it becomes advisable to buy the high-quality helmet which will protect its owner from head or neck injuries. Aside from safety techniques, longboarder must purchase some important items for his protection, and helmet ranks the first on the list. All helmets are not designed equally and you can get lost in lots of different types and shapes. Longboard helmets not only provide full face protection but also the chin and the head. They are more expensive than half helmets but supply the rider with the highest protection. 

Here is the list of the best full lace longboard helmets on the market. And don’t forget: Prevention is better than a cure!


TSG Pass Helmet
  • PRECISION MANUFACTURED - Multi-layered glass fiber shell for a high ratio of surface area to weight resulting into a strong but light full-face helmet.
  • MAXIMUM VISIBILITY - Wide viewing angle doesn't cut off your peripheral vision. Engineered to never fog up, using a combination of ventilation that draws breath out of the helmet, and an anti-fog coating to ensure maximum visibility at all times. Ear slots allow for clear perception of ambient noises.
  • PERFECT FIT - Cheek pads are adjustable to custom fit different heads comfortably, and the inner liner is removable and washable. The shell is designed around the human head and shorter in the front than other helmets. This makes it safer, more aerodynamic, and more attractive.
  • CERTIFIED SAFE - International Downhill Federation Certified and lined with EPS Impact foam. EPS offers good penetration resistance and energy distribution. EPS foam liners are the industry standard for action sports.
  • BONUS VISOR - Includes 2 spherically rounded visors, one Electric Silver and one clear, both of which offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Considered number 1 helmet in the downhill longboarding and skateboarding world, TSG Pass Helmet is a right choice for every pro longboarder. It was developed with cooperation of one of the most influential downhill skaters in the last 20 years and three-time world champion in downhill skateboarding. This is a helmet that states the difference – it is EN1078 rated and certified by the International Downhill Federation. 

DESIGN is something that accents this helmet from the other ones. Its look is a gold standard and features smooth and electric mirror visor, replaceable pads and extra comfortable inner part. The design is strong and compact yet still lightweight and extremely pleasant while worn. 

THE FIT is suitable for everyone as TSG Pass Helmet has cheek pads adjustable for every head which gives you the comfort sense of safety. The compact shell with aerodynamic design is perfect for longboarders who don’t want to be constrained by low speeds. Buy this helmet and kick up your heels!

THE VISOR probably is the most praiseworthy part of the helmet. Wide viewing area provides optimal vision which is emphasized by scratch-proof and anti-fog coating. Anti-fogging is possible due to the exhalation blockers placed above the mouth.

THE PRICE is somewhat bigger than the comparable helmets due to the use of highly impact resistant materials.  

OTHER interesting features of TSG Pass Helmet are double D-ring closure system and two included shields which are both UVA and UVB protection equipped. It has vents near your ear that blocks wind noise but allows you to hear a vehicle approaching from behind. 


  • strong secure construction
  •  wide viewing area 
  • super comfortable interior 
  • replaceable pads
  •  doubled protection visors
  • Lightweight 


  • high price 
  • single impact foam liner    


When investing in TSG Pass Helmet you are investing in super high quality product that will keep you out of danger. 


Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet
  • Meets CPSC 1203 bike and ASTM F1952 downhill mountain bike racing standards
  • Hand-laid fiberglass shell & Shatter-resistant flip-up visor
  • Aerodynamic styling to limit wind resistance
  • EPS foam liner with velvet lining
  • Each helmet comes with an extra fit pad insert to customize fit

As the name would imply, this helmet is specifically designed for the downhill speed racers who love to race with the wind. Having that in mind, it was manufactured with special aerodynamic construction to minimize wind resistance. Among the racers it has a reputation of the only helmet who can keep up with the needs of the downhill longboarders. It offers reasonable weight combined with good visibility and protection. Moreover, with the ASTM F1952 certification, is arguably the most appropriate for this type of practices. 

THE LOOK of the helmet is attractive and nice. All the features looks amazing and well fit. The construction is sturdy which is particularly important for high speeding as it evokes enough confidence. A minor complaint goes to hued visor which can only be used in lowlight situations (for now). It comes with hand-laid fiberglass shell that sits deep on the head.

THE VISOR arrives pretreated with anti-fog but the system is not as strapped as the one in TSG Pass Helmet so it allows a certain amount of fogging. Popping the visor down produces a solid seal and a close fit for an undisturbed ride down the hill. The only problem is lacking of ratcheting mechanism, which means riding with completely opened or completely closed visor. 

THE LID of Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet had been well-thought and it received high impressions among longboarding community. Color choices are limited to black or white but nonetheless the design is sleek and very stylish.

THE PRICE is little bit lower than the TSG Pass Helmet but it is still bit high. You have to have in mind that these are most secure helmets on market which provide both durability and security henceforth the high price. 


  • streamlined construction
  • shatter-resistant multiview flip-up visor
  • EPS foam liner, 
  • additional fit pads, 
  • good field view


  • higher price 
  • lack of ventilation (fogging),
  • lack of a ratcheting visor


Its a nice solid helmet that is crafted for speed. It looks looks cool too!


DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet
  • EPS foam liner conforms to your shape for superior fit. Removable, washable helmet liner.
  • 2lbs. 2oz., 13 convenient air flow vents.
  • CPSC Certified.
  • Includes helmet bag.

One of the longboarding helmet bestsellers of 2014-2015. With more affordable price but still fulfilling the need for safety and design, this helmet is a great choice for everyone paddling on a short budget. It comprises the opposite features: solid lightweight but durable, rigorous contracted but fashionable, safe but cool – and all for less money than similar helmets. 

DESIGN is quite eye-catching with graphics and design aspired by the Demon Team riders. With full face coverage it provides safety and right fit for your head. Additionally, EPS foam liner and tough polycarbonate shell keep up with the CPSC certification safety standards. 

All 13 VENTS are a special feature of this helmet as they are strategically placed to keep the air flowing without spoiling the riding moments during warmer months. Moreover, the sweat liners inside the helmet act as a perfect absorbers so you can be sure you won’t have problems with the sweating issues. The liner is also removable so keeping the helmet looking and smelling clean is easy.

THE VISIBILITY is a top notch - the chin guard is tilted at just the right angle so it lines up with the goggles. That means no extra periphery vision is lost. With side-release buckle for the chin strap it is much easier to remove the helmet. 

EARBUDS can be easily worn inside the helmet which is another cool feature offered by the Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet. Some longboarders dislike riding in silent so this is a cool feature for them.

Another plus thing is that is comes with a helmet bag so you can easily store it and take it with you.  



  • Fully adjustable visor
  • polycarbonate shell with aluminum side visor screws
  • EPS foam liner,
  • Removable and washable helmet liner, 
  • comes with a helmet bag


  • The helmet has a bit snug fit, 
  • EPS liner can take only one crash and then must be replaced


If you want to buy helmet which is high in safety and design but still price affordable, go with the Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet. You won’t be sorry!


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Over the years many companies have tried to build hybrid helmets with removable chin bars that supply the best characteristics of a downhill-worthy full face in a longboard-friendly helmet. Some were okay, but the Giro Switchblade is the best so far. Giro Switchblade Helmet breaks from the traditional design of convertible full-face and half-shell helmets. The unique moto-trials look will certainly give you appreciation from fellow riders, but what makes this helmet a category leader are safety ratings, useful features and ease usage instructions.

ROC LOC AIR DH FIT SYSTEM plays a significant role in helmet’s performance as it allows the air to pass above the head so it enhances the cooling without overcasting the importance of stability and comfort. Outer shell is made out of tough polycarbonate construction which gives aggressive look but due to the bond to the EPS foam liner, it results in a lightweight, single-piece design. 

MIPS is a new buzzword in helmet designs. It stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System which is leading technology for helmet’s interior designed to reduce rotational forces. Giro Switchblade Helmet is equipped with this technology so that is reduces additional damages if the impact occurs.

This helmet is TRIPLE-CERTIFIED to CPSC, EN-1078 and ASTM-1952 Downhill safety standards. This is true for both with and without the chin-bar, which is easily removable and replaceable without tools. Adjustable POV Plus visor stays in place even after the harshest of terrain.

As for the VENTILATION, there are 20 which provide excellent auditory feedback and keep the head cool. Although it’s not as well ventilated as a standard trail helmet, it does an admirable work of moving air out of the helmet. Another cool feature is the hydrophilic pad which absorbs sweat while riding during the warmer seasons.


  • confident performance in structure and design, 
  • special cooling fit system, 
  • leading MIPS technology,
  •  strategic ventilation, 
  • adjustable POV Plus visor

Cons: high price

  • chin-bar removal can be fussy for beginners, 
  • not suited for long climbs in half shell mode


If you consider yourself a special type of a longboarder, than this is a helmet for you. Check additional reviews and photos here


Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet
  • ABS SHELL CONSTRUCTION with Adjustable Visor
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FULL-FACE - offers comfort and protection for dirt jump or BMX riders who want a smaller size and profile
  • SPECIFICATIONS - X-Small (48-51 cm), Small (52-54 cm), Medium (55-57 cm), and Large (58-60 cm) Sizes; 15 Helmet vents; CPSC Bicycle, CE EN1078 Certifications

It is stated that more world champions have worn helmets by the company Bell than all other helmet brands combined. With just 950 grams, the Bell Sanction BMX is definitely one of the low-profile full-face helmets aimed at riders who don’t have the need to try and wear the more robust contracted helmets. This helmet has become the choice of adults who still want full-face protection but prefer ones with smaller sizes and profiles. This type is also suitable for junior riders. 

Being LIGHTWEIGHT and INEXPENSIVE are definitely the two characteristics that come in mind when choosing the right helmet. It is one of the lightest full-face helmet on the market and has a much smaller overall profile. It is also the least expensive but we do not recommend it to full downhill longboarders due to the lack of meeting with the ASTM-F1952 standard.

DESIGN was definitely visualized having younger rider in mind. The moto-impressed styling and graphics are here for the youthful races. It comes in 18 different styles which are visually attractive. This helmet has 15 smallish vents in its shell which allow air to flow unhindered though the helmet.

PROTECTION and DURABILITY are not the best features of this type of the helmet. This helmet achieves a lower weight at the cost of function and protection but still it is a good choice for riders, especially young ones, who are maintaining a low profile and riding as an easy hobby.  

As for the COMFORT of the Bell Sanction BMX it is constructed with a hand laminated fiberglass shell over an expanded polystyrene liner but the interior padding is less thick with a grinding feeling so it is not so comfortable and cozy. 

PRICE is very much affordable and for meeting the minimum standards it is acceptable. 


  • lightweight and inexpensive
  • meets standards for the cycling helmets


  • low in protection, durability, comfort and general performance


If you are a low-profile rider who just wants to protect yourself additionally without enjoying high-speed practices and experiments, than this is a helmet for you. You can purchase it here.


The bottom line is that downhill longboarding is an exciting but expensive and dangerous sport. When it comes to your life, helmets are not the place to skimp on the quality. The difference in price can be significant but it shouldn’t be the decisive factor – you should check the comfortability, security, ventilation, additional parts, fit system and design when choosing the helmet for your head. There are lots of different helmet brand on the market and choosing the right one should play an important role as choosing the right longboard. We hope our Best Full Face Longboard Helmets list can assist you in your purchase:

Best Santa Cruz Longboard review 2019 – Top 3 Choices

Founded in 1973, Santa Cruz have been in the industry for about 40  years. The company has been founded by dedicated skateboard enthusiasts. They have been successfully building high quality boards at a affordable price range

In short, You cannot go wrong when choosing santa cruz boards. 

1) Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Freeride Longboard 

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40"
  • Deck size: 10" x 40"^Construction technology: Drop-Thru^Comes pre-assembled with Santa Cruz trucks and Santa Cruz wheels

Santa cruz lion longboard offers a new shape with drop through mounted deck. The african design of the board is bound the make you stand out from the crowd.

The stunning board is 40 inches long and 10  inches wide. The deck of the baord is made of high quality maple which is super strong and durable. You can expect to last a few years without breaking.

The board offers some of the smoothest and nice ride over hard and rough surfaces. If you live in a neighbourhood with bad you should buy this one immediately. Risky riders are gonna fall in love with this board as its not only fast board but gains momentum quiet easily as well.

Basically, it will take where you need to go. You can ride this miles at a time without any problems. 


Carves like butter

Good wheels and premium quality deck

Good for both beginners and advanced riders


Right out of the box, the trucks are too tight for turning and carving. It has an easy fix.


The board is breathtakingly beautiful. The design and color are some of the best. Its killers looks are alone makes it worth buying. Combine it with jam packed features and decent pricing and you got winner there. Definitely worth checking it out!

2) Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta 

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch
  • Complete 8.8 by 27.7-inch skateboard with a flat Cruzer concave deck
  • 16.5-inch wheelbase; 2.7-inch nose; 4.3-inch kick tail
  • Bullet B137 trucks, Bullet hardware, and ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Road Rider 65-millimeter 78A wheels
  • Bottle opener in the bottom of the deck; clear spray-on grip

Similar to Lion god longboard, Santa cruz skate land shark is one of the visually stunning boards. The color grading is light and friendly.

The cruiser board is small and lightweight. If you are somebody who likes to strap the board on the back and take it with you, then you should buying this board should be a no brainer.  

The board boasts fo sturdy deck for stable ride. The kick tail is a nice touch for keeping the ride fresh. The graphics on the bottom and top are not only well done and detailed but also durable.

The spray on grip tape promises traction without spoiling the grahics on the board. The 78a road rider wheels are translucent and  keep the ride noise free and super smooth. The abec 7 bearing are standard quality nothing exceptional.


Portable and lightwieght

Beginner friendly

Fantastic visuals

Affordable pricng




It's really lightweight and portable board for people who like to strap it on their backs. The board delivers an easy riding experience for a affordable price. Worth checking it out.

3) Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard 

Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard (9.9 x 43.5-Inch)
  • The Mahaka Rasta is the perfect cruzer for the island lifestyle Soft wheels get you anywhere
  • 100% North American Maple deck
  • They're Cruzers, not longboards! Mahalo!
  • Comes with Bullet B150 Black Cutback Trucks, Transluscent green Road Rider 65mm 78A durometer wheels, spray on grip, Bullet abec 3 bearings

Mahaka Rasta is another fantastic board in this list. The cruiser board Is designed for island lifestyle.

It feautres a really deck that does not flex. The deck does not even flex. If you are bit heavy site, then you should seriously consider this board as it will not break by your weight.

The design is flawless and looks absolutely stunning when riding. The abec bearings are standard in the market. The built in bottle openers works well too.

You might have to replace the bushings in the truck as they are not as responsive as you want them to be. Bushings are really cheap so it should nt be a problem.


Extremely durable

Affordable pricing




It's a near perfect for starter riders and perfect who loves cruising around. Its a high quality product with soft wheels that promises a smooth and fun filled ride. Highly recommended.

Ten Toes Longboard Review 2019

Ten toes longboard is one of the most popular boards in the market for the right reasons. Its affordable, made from the best and eye catching. We have compiled a comprehensive and detailed review along with advantages and disadavantages that will help you make a better buying decision.

 Without wasting time lets hop onto the details below.

1) Deck

The heart of any longboard is its deck. Its  44 inch long which gives insane amount of space for riders to keep their feet. Its ideal size for cruiser boards. It is made from high quality bamboo material to give it a classic old school look. The deck is available in both pin tail and cruiser styles. You can choose the style that suits your needs the best. 

The kick tail at the back keeps the ride fresh and fun. The sharp nose allows the rider to cut thought the air and gain momentum with ease. The concave depth in the deck offers stable foothold. 

The deck is super strong and will not to break anytime soon.

2) Wheel and Bearings

Specification: 70x51mm 85A PU

The wide and soft wheels are very durable and delivers silent and super smooth ride. In short, the wheels function great and are of top quality.

About Bearings, honestly they are generic and aren't the best in the market which can be said most longboard in the market.  However, they do function decent. Your neighbours will love them as they do deliver a quiet and noise free ride. 

If you are not satisfied , you can replace the wheels with better quality ones in the market and expect significant improvement in speed and riding experience.

3)Look, style and colors

Apart from being a technical marvel, this board also shine great in the visuals as well. The board looks like a million bucks. It's available in 12 different styles and colors  to give rider enough choice to match his personality.

The graphics on bottom of the deck is durable and will not fade in away in future.

All of the color styles are well made and looks beautiful in sunshine.


The trucks are of decent quality and do their function well. They re adjustable so you can adjust them as per your needs at the time.

They’re extremely tight right out of the box which makes them very hard to turn. Loosen them before you go for a ride. If you are unfamiliar, we recommend you to go to a local shop and ask them to do it for you.

Here are a short summary for you.


High quality bamboo deck

Built to last construction

Affordable price range

Nice and easy ride for beginners

Available in wide variety of colors


Not the best bearing but not entirely useless.


The board is plain amazing and everything you can ask for. Its high quality that is built to last for years. Its comes in affordable range which makes it even better for consumers. Definitely worth checking out.

Frequent Questions Asked

1) How to change the loosen the trucks of the board?

2)What is the weight limit of the this longboard?

Its 250 pounds which is good enough for most adults and kids. 

3)is it easy to carry around?

The weight of the board is 8 pounds which makes it light, easy and comfortable to take it with you. 


Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard 2019 – Detailed Review

Are you on tight budget and do not want to dig a hole in your pocket to buy a longboard? Yet every longboard in your price range is made of cheap quality and is just not upto the mark. Fortunately, Volador longboard is one of the few longboard in this price that offers premium features. 

With this detailed review, you will be more than enough informed to make decision wether the board is right for you not.  

Let's jump into the details below.

Weight capacity : 220 Lbs


The deck is made from 8-ply hard maple material that is both strong and durable. The deck of the board is concave shaped that allows good control and stability for the rider.  

The drop down deck drop through camber deck offers shock absorption to keep the the ride smooth even on rough surfaces. Its especially great for people who live in areas with bad road facilities.

The shape of the board is designed in a way that the board avoids wheels from all angels. For beginners, wheel bite is when the wheel touches the board and disrupts the ride. This helps the rider to enjoy extreme manoeuvrability and take sharp turn at any given time without worrying.

The length of the deck is 44 inch and 9 inch wide which gives rider's feet more than enough space to keep their feet . With high weight capacity, even heavy individuals can enjoy joyful and speedy ride. 

Trucks and Bearrings

The trucks are forged by top quality genuine aluminium alloy. They work well with wheels and delivers a quiet ride. 

The bearings that come with this are abec 7 grade which aren't of the best quality. But they do keep the ride silent and noise free. They're useable and do deliver where it matters. 

If you want, you can replace the bearings with better quality ones from the market. Getting a better bearings will definitely enhance the ridding experience significantly. 

Graphics and colors

Graphics and colors are last thing you should look for when buying a longboard. Although, it doesn't hurt tat the board is stunning.  

The graphics on the deck are beautiful and make you stand out from the rest. The board is vibrant and cheerful. Be ready to get a lot of attention when you take it out for ride on the road. The design on grip tape is adorable and sweet. 

It's available in 5 different color to match your personality. The different art styles have been taken inspiration from different cultures.

You can find variety style to suit kids, adults, boys and girls. 

Unlike other boards, the graphics do not fade away even after using the board for years. 

Weight  and portability

The weight of the board is 8.4 pounds which is relatively low as compared to its size. Even though the board is super lightweight, It is not exactly efficient to carry around on back. However you can easily carry it one hand.

Environment friendly

Longboarding is all about enjoying nature and appreciating earth’s beauty. The Volador longboard has been made by Volador company that the board is 100% environment friendly.

When you know that board means is environment friendly, it will give you positive feeling of giving back to the nature and make you proud of having this board.


  • Premium quality components
  • Amazing  graphics
  • Concave deck
  • Makes taking sharp turns very easy
  • Beginner friendly cruiser board
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Lightweight


  • Bearings aren't the best but is useable


Overall, Volador longboard is undoubtedly one of the finest longboard available in the market. Its simple cruiser board that gives the best bang for your buck. With this review you have enough knowledge to see if it fits your bill. Highly recommended and worth checking out. 

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Review 2019 – With Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a quality longboard that will full-fills all basic needs? Quest longboard cruiser is one of the best longboard in the market. Its made of high quality components that is not be be seen in this price segment.

The board is perfectly affordable to have tons of fun on.

Let's hop in to the details below.

Design and material

The board is designed just right for beginners and experts alike. The deck, bearings and trucks are fitted perfectly to offer a smooth ride in your neighbourhood.

The grip tape completely covers the board and is high quality as expected. This board holds good traction and works well even on wet surfaces. The kick tail and nose dive is quite adorable as well. The abec bearings does decent job to keep the ride fast and silent.

The abec bearings keeps the ride silent, fast and super smooth. 

Graphics, looks and style 

From top to bottom the board is absolutely beautiful. The pictures dont justify how visually stunning the board really is. 

The plain graphics on the bottom of the deck is wonderfully done. The graphics suits incredible well to bamboo look of the board. You can expect to get alot of attention when taking out for ride in a park.


The board is made of premium grade materials which makes it super strong and tough to crack. That means you can expect this board to last couple of years if used correctly. The longboard is constructed with  built to last quality. 

Length and size

The length of the cruiser board is 44 inch which is great fit for bigger indivisuals. It has more than enough space on the deck to position your foot comfortably. The weight of the board is 8 pounds. Its lightweight and easy to carry around. Fantastic choice for daily commute.


Extremely durable

Top notch construction quality

Built to last

Stunning to look at

Affordable price range


The bearings and trucks aren't of the best quality but can be replaced by better parts from the market.


Quest super cruiser longboard is designed for both beginners and expert riders alike. The board offers super smooth and enjoyable ride.

In terms of pricing, the board offers best bang for your buck. Its almost impossible  to get a quality board at this price segment unless you choose quest super cruiser. If you are on really tight budget then buying this board should be a no brainer. 

In short,  You cannot go wrong when choosing this ride.

Penny board vs Longboard – Whats Best For You!

Are you confused between the two types of board? Look no further, with the help of this guide, you will get clear understanding about both types of boards.

You will be armed with more than enough knowledge to choose which suits your needs the best. 

Let's dive in. 

What is penny board

Penny board is a type of skateboard. The deck of the board is a lot smaller and requires the rider to be more balanced. It's also known as mini cruiser in some parts of the country.

Similar to skateboard, You can assemble the penny board by yourself by buying different parts separately or you can buy it fully assembled as well.

As the name suggests, penny board are smaller and more portable than other types of skateboards. The deck of the board is small and has just enough space the riders feet. penny board comes in three three different sizes that is 22", 27" (the Nickel) and 36”. 

The deck of the board is usually made from high quality strong plastic. 

Penny boards can be used by riders of all ages. They're lightweight yet can support a lot of weight and still ride with complete ease. They easy to carry around as well. You can fit them into backpack. 

One of the best thing about penny board is they comes in huge color options and styles to suits your personality. 

The wheels are slightly broad which lets the board sail smoothly over mildly rough surfaces. 

Penny boards are great for cruising and daily commute. 

There is general misconception among the general riders that penny boards are not strong as they are small in size and made of mainly plastic. This is completely false, penny boards are super durable and can withstand even the toughest of falls with only few scratches. They are strong as any other type of board. Basically, you can expect the board to perform well for years.

One of the advantage of penny board is its incredibly small size. You can fit the board you backpack and take it with you anywhere you like. 

Penny boards are great for cruising and daily commute. Here is a quick guide to find you kickass penny board for girls.

What is longboard

Longboards are similar to skateboards or as some as say even type of skateboard. As the name goes, they’re longer than skateboards. They feature large wheels and precise hardware which makes them faster than skateboards. 

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Although, longboards can be used for downhill racing and traveling, they're most popular is used for cruising. But you can basically use them for all types of transportation

The length of the longboard ranges from 84 to 150 centimeters and width 22.8 to 25.4 cm.

The deck of the board has more than enough space to let the rider position his feet comfortably.  The deck of the longboard is made from materials like maple, bamboo and church.

The size of the wheels range from 65 to 107 millimeters. The large wheels allows the longboard to sail smoothly even on the roughest surfaces. 

They're available in different shapes and size to serve different purposes. 

Drop through, pintail and cruiser are some of the names.

The plain classic bamboo longboard is fantastic for custom designs. 

Longboard are just perfect for people who are just starting out and are still beginners. 

Penny board vs Longboard - Whats best for you

It all depends on whats suits your needs the best. If you live in area with rough roads, then longboard should be a better for you as they ride smoothly over rough gaps and surfaces. If you like a lot of room on your board to secure a strong foothold then longboard should be your best option. 

Or if you plan to travel with your board regularly then penny board should be better as they're more portable and lightweight.

Longboard are just perfect for people who are just starting out and are still beginners.  While penny board are better for people who have some experience in riding and balancing. 

Both longboard and penny board come in affordable price range. 


Both types of board has their advantage and disadvantages. We recommend you to write down what exactly are you needs and what you want to do with board along with your budget. 

After that see which type of board fits your bill the best and go for it.

Also in case you need help, here is a list of best longboard for kids and beginners along with a helpful buying guide to help you choose the best options in the market.