OxGord Scooter for Kids – Deluxe Black 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go Review

Are you looking for a mini scooter for your kid? Our children deserve the best. In their age, they want to try new adventures, games, and toys, we as their parents are worried about our kid’s safety.

In this scenario, something adventurous yet safe toy is required, and OxGord scooter is the perfect answer. Small kids need to play with toys that are easy to use, durable, good quality, and interesting.

Therefore, we have come up with a perfect solution to your concern with these three-wheel gliders with a kick & go. They let your kids learn to turn with rear brakes.

You cannot stop your child from being naughty as they are like that only. So, as parents, you have to provide them with scooters that are easy to handle and can make the ride smoother even on bumpy roads.

OxGord Scooter for Kids comes with three wheels that are easy to make the balance on the road while riding. It does not need to start with a kick, has the easy to go technology.

The OxGord Kids Scooter can be easily turned on curved roads and can be stopped with the help of rear brakes. It has comfortable handles so that your kid can enjoy the drive and even considered safe for kids of age two.




OxGord scooter for kids is made up of metal and nylon which is more durable and of good quality as compared to other brands present in the market. Its wheels are made up of high-quality Polyurethane that creates the smooth ride for your kids.


Three wheels unique Swiss designed kid’s scooter is especially made keeping in view of kids of age between 2-5 years. It is built on lean to steer mechanism which allows the kids to take curve smoothly from left to right.

Even your little baby can easily use the scooter as the deck is made low which helps your little ones to hop on and off quickly. Also, the deck is large enough so that it can easily accommodate both the feet of your kids.

Its wheels have high-quality bearings that reduce vibrations and make the ride smoother for your kids.


OxGord scooter is made up of high-quality material that makes this mini, durable & sturdy for daily and long term use till your kids enjoy. The most amazing part about it is – all its parts are replaceable.

To be real, it can be used for many years and even till the time you become grandmother or grandfather, which means more than one generation can enjoy it.


This kid’s scooter has adjustable T locking handle bar and comfortable grip pads making it very convenient for your kid to use it. The scooter can also be folded making it ideal for travel and storage.


Besides having unique features which other brands present in the market don’t have, it is affordable and can easily be managed in your budget.


While riding the scooter; kids are safe as they take the smooth & balanced ride without a kickstand.


  • The scooter has a folding design that makes it easy to carry while traveling. Also, it occupies less space in your house.
  • Its three-wheel design is perfect for beginners who want to try life’s adventure in their unique style.
  • It is safer as compared to two wheeler scooter.
  • It is speedy and agile so that your kid can enjoy the ride.
  • It is the best model for the young kids who want to enjoy a smooth ride.
  • There is no need to kick start the scooter or unbalanced ride.
  • Its soft handles provide a comfortable grip.
  • It has easy to access rear brakes that provide the secure stop to the scooter.


  • It is suitable to use for the younger kids aged between 2-5 years.


The OxGord three wheeler black color scooter is going to be real fun for your kids. They are perfect for your kids as they can enjoy the smooth ride in their unique style!

It is a unique, high-quality product that has bagged the awards too. Your kid won’t demand any other toy once they have this scooter to access.

With this scooter, your child can take the smooth ride even on bumpy roads and urban sidewalks. As its deck is made low to the ground making your little ones easy to hop on and off. It is easy to store and occupies less space as it can be folded.

Also, it is of high quality and more durable than other scooters available in the market. Checking all the features of the scooter, it will be an excellent addition to your kid’s life.

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