Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Review 2019 – With Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a quality longboard that will full-fills all basic needs? Quest longboard cruiser is one of the best longboard in the market. Its made of high quality components that is not be be seen in this price segment.

The board is perfectly affordable to have tons of fun on.

Let's hop in to the details below.

Design and material

The board is designed just right for beginners and experts alike. The deck, bearings and trucks are fitted perfectly to offer a smooth ride in your neighbourhood.

The grip tape completely covers the board and is high quality as expected. This board holds good traction and works well even on wet surfaces. The kick tail and nose dive is quite adorable as well. The abec bearings does decent job to keep the ride fast and silent.

The abec bearings keeps the ride silent, fast and super smooth. 

Graphics, looks and style 

From top to bottom the board is absolutely beautiful. The pictures dont justify how visually stunning the board really is. 

The plain graphics on the bottom of the deck is wonderfully done. The graphics suits incredible well to bamboo look of the board. You can expect to get alot of attention when taking out for ride in a park.


The board is made of premium grade materials which makes it super strong and tough to crack. That means you can expect this board to last couple of years if used correctly. The longboard is constructed with  built to last quality. 

Length and size

The length of the cruiser board is 44 inch which is great fit for bigger indivisuals. It has more than enough space on the deck to position your foot comfortably. The weight of the board is 8 pounds. Its lightweight and easy to carry around. Fantastic choice for daily commute.


Extremely durable

Top notch construction quality

Built to last

Stunning to look at

Affordable price range


The bearings and trucks aren't of the best quality but can be replaced by better parts from the market.


Quest super cruiser longboard is designed for both beginners and expert riders alike. The board offers super smooth and enjoyable ride.

In terms of pricing, the board offers best bang for your buck. Its almost impossible  to get a quality board at this price segment unless you choose quest super cruiser. If you are on really tight budget then buying this board should be a no brainer. 

In short,  You cannot go wrong when choosing this ride.

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