Razor A5 lux scooter Review

Razor A5 lux kick scooter is in demand scooter in the market. It is one of the if not the most popular scooters out in the field. Its made by Razor is which is again the most popular scooter manufacturing company in the industry.

Razor A5 scooter is geared towards adults and teens. The scooter is a fantastic option if you are looking to save your bus money and some physical exercise.

The scooter offers a super smooth ride even on rough surfaces with the help of its big wheels. Its made of top grade Aluminium material which is both durable and lightweight. 

The weigh capacity is over 220 pounds which is more than enough for most adults. 

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The scooter features larger urethane wheels. The 200 mm wheels allow you to ride smoothly over cracks and gaps. This is especially great if you live in a neighbourhood with rough roads.


  • Made from top grade aluminium material
  • Large wheels
  • Patented folding system
  • Adjustable handlebar 


Razor products have been known to be top quality with affordable price. This one is no different. A5 model is made from superior quality aluminium aircraft grade material which is both durable and lightweight.

The scooter is quite lightweight and yet can support a ton of weight without slowing down the ride. 

Handle Bar

The handlebar in this scooter is taller and wider than other models to suits the needs of taller individuals.

The handlebar is also adjustable so the scooter can be used by individuals of all heights.

The scooter grip is comfortable.


The scooter uses a patented folding system that lets you fold it quickly and store it in your place when not in use. Its super lightweight and easy to carry around on your bag as well.

The retractable kickstand is just perfect. (Note: it's not available on all colors. Make sure you double check before buying)


The scooter is ready to go out of the box. The only thing you need to do is adjust the handlebars according to your height and you are ready to take it out for a quick spin. 


The scooter is available under 100$. The pricing is extremely affordable. The scooter easily offers the best bang for your buck.


In short, when investing in this scooter, you are investing a high-quality product with stunning looks. In short, you cannot go wrong with Razor A5 lux scooter

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