Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter Review

Is your kid birthday approaching or you are thinking about some present on your kid birthday or to boost his morale on his good grades? If yes, then we have the solution- Razor party pop kick scooter.

This scooter is ‘’party on wheels’’. It is the life of the party with all the new party pop style. It is very colorful and is available in very bright colors.

You can buy a gift for your kid according to their choice. This product is designed keeping in mind that the child is attracted towards the color and can enjoy their colorful and adventurous ride.

The Razor party pop kick scooter is available in twelve color designs, and that makes a plentiful of choice for the buyers. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the scooter does hold good technical qualities.

This scooter is very light in weight as compared to other scooter brands available in the market. Every part of it is colorful and makes your kid its diehard fan. So, now you can imagine that how appropriate this product is.

So, you can always consider buying it as a surprise gift for the apple of your eye (Kids). To help you more with its functioning, here we have a complete detail of the scooter.


Important attributes of Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter


Razor party pop kick scooter is made up of material that is very light in weight. Because of this quality, it makes the ride of your kid very smooth and full of fun.

Body & Built

It is formed of a lightweight steel frame with a comfortable handlebar. This scooter has a colorful skateboard with stylish plastic deck. Its deck is made up of vibrant color having multi-color lights, to keep the fun going

Vibrant colors

This party pop scooter is available in wide range of colors. Not only this, its each part is very colorful like its handles are pretty pink in colors having turquoise caps on the ends and wheels are purple with turquoise centers.


It also has an excellent braking system that allows your kid to stop the scooter when they want to. It also consists of fork construction, foam grip handlebar, plastic deck and urethane wheels.

All these features make this scooter very popular among the kick style scooter.

Easy to handle

As per the previous notion the kick scooters are not easy to handle. But the most important feature that proves this notion wrong is its light body weight that makes your child drive this party pop scooter with ease.


This scooter is very comfortable in comparison with other scooters available in the market as the handle bar is made up of foam that made the grips quite smooth.


The quality of this scooter is very good and it’s come with the guarantee too.

Listed below are the advantages of Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter

  • This scooter is very light in weight and comfortable to ride on.
  • Its colorful body makes a beautiful gift for your loved one as they would love to have it in their toy list.
  • It is available in 12 vibrant colors so that you can choose the scooter according to your choice. It has colorful LED lights, polypropylene deck and vibrant wheels that make your kids feel all together in a fairy world. The colorful led lights in this scooter illuminate in the dark room that makes the look of the scooter quite stunning. Your kid will be extremely happy with the purchase of Razor Party Pop kick scooter.
  • It has comfortable handle bar that also gives the required grip while driving the scooter
  • It has rear brakes that allow your kids to control the speed of the scooter while driving it on bumpy, uneven roads and sidewalks.

Please note that this scooter is only made for the kids of age six and above that. It supports the ride up-to 143 pounds. So, if your kid is of age less than six, please keep them away from this scooter.


We hereby conclude that the Razor party pop kick scooter is the best purchase for kids of age 6 and above. As it is a lot fun to have due to its colors and is available in twelve different ranges of colors. With a plentiful of options you can choose the scooter of your choice.

It’s very comfortable and light in weight with brakes. So, now we hope that you will purchase this beautiful scooter for your kid. Your kid is really going to love you for this purchase.

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