Ten Toes Longboard Review 2019

Ten toes longboard is one of the most popular boards in the market for the right reasons. Its affordable, made from the best and eye catching. We have compiled a comprehensive and detailed review along with advantages and disadavantages that will help you make a better buying decision.

 Without wasting time lets hop onto the details below.

1) Deck

The heart of any longboard is its deck. Its  44 inch long which gives insane amount of space for riders to keep their feet. Its ideal size for cruiser boards. It is made from high quality bamboo material to give it a classic old school look. The deck is available in both pin tail and cruiser styles. You can choose the style that suits your needs the best. 

The kick tail at the back keeps the ride fresh and fun. The sharp nose allows the rider to cut thought the air and gain momentum with ease. The concave depth in the deck offers stable foothold. 

The deck is super strong and will not to break anytime soon.

2) Wheel and Bearings

Specification: 70x51mm 85A PU

The wide and soft wheels are very durable and delivers silent and super smooth ride. In short, the wheels function great and are of top quality.

About Bearings, honestly they are generic and aren't the best in the market which can be said most longboard in the market.  However, they do function decent. Your neighbours will love them as they do deliver a quiet and noise free ride. 

If you are not satisfied , you can replace the wheels with better quality ones in the market and expect significant improvement in speed and riding experience.

3)Look, style and colors

Apart from being a technical marvel, this board also shine great in the visuals as well. The board looks like a million bucks. It's available in 12 different styles and colors  to give rider enough choice to match his personality.

The graphics on bottom of the deck is durable and will not fade in away in future.

All of the color styles are well made and looks beautiful in sunshine.


The trucks are of decent quality and do their function well. They re adjustable so you can adjust them as per your needs at the time.

They’re extremely tight right out of the box which makes them very hard to turn. Loosen them before you go for a ride. If you are unfamiliar, we recommend you to go to a local shop and ask them to do it for you.

Here are a short summary for you.


High quality bamboo deck

Built to last construction

Affordable price range

Nice and easy ride for beginners

Available in wide variety of colors


Not the best bearing but not entirely useless.


The board is plain amazing and everything you can ask for. Its high quality that is built to last for years. Its comes in affordable range which makes it even better for consumers. Definitely worth checking out.

Frequent Questions Asked

1) How to change the loosen the trucks of the board?

2)What is the weight limit of the this longboard?

Its 250 pounds which is good enough for most adults and kids. 

3)is it easy to carry around?

The weight of the board is 8 pounds which makes it light, easy and comfortable to take it with you. 


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